Vote on new game features

I think it’s a great idea to be able to vote on possible new gaming features, and the recent “Reasonable Things” Voting Phase allows all players to do exactly that. I sent an evemail to the corp to recommend they do some voting too. And now I’m recommending YOU vote for new game features you want CCP to implement. Follow the link above for instructions and to place your own votes.

For anyone who’s interested, this is how I voted (in order of preference):

Black Claw,80,19,25,26,39,42,90,24,76,22,13,72,77,70,36,28,46,53,14,43,45,48

  • 80 – AFK and ready check indicators in fleet and corp chat.
  • 19 – Make bookmarks visible on the new sensor overlay.
  • 25 – Add “Create bookmark” shortcut.
  • 26 – Multiple rows of chat tabs (2 minimum) to save space.
  • 39 – Rework corp management UI.
  • 42 – Put bookmarks on the overview and give them brackets.
  • 90 – In the show info windows make systems/stations/regions double click-able and add 'Set Destination' to the context menu for stations.
  • 24 – Release high-resolution textures as an optional download.
  • 76 – Improve (restore, actually) audio and visual cues for players on a grid when a gate is activated by another player.
  • 22 – Status indicator to show you when you're inside a warp bubble.
  • 13 – Killmails to also show Logistic pilots, if they rep the person that did the damage/killing blow.
  • 72 – Make the EVE Gate a star visible from “anywhere” as per the lore, in EVE and DUST514.
  • 77 – Add small gang highsec / losec PVP/PVE events to the game.
  • 70 – Ability to switch character without closing and restarting Eve.
  • 36 – Make implants recoverable from corpses, possibly by the reprocess facility in stations.
  • 28 – Have the ability to stack/repackage your items from the assets panel, regardless of station location.
  • 46 – Fix the pulse of the of the cloak module activation (and similar modules) to a steady, bright glow and then add a bright flash-out if you are decloaked by something.
  • 53 – Add visual cone shape showing curent D-scan area both in map and in space.
  • 14 – Show drone health even when they are in the drone bay.
  • 43 – Give the user the option of “auto stacking” inventory in both cargo hold and hangar.
  • 45 – Display the gun/drone/missle ranges when you hold your mouse over the dps readout.
  • 48 – Remove attributes and attribute implants. Allow skills to be trained at a flat 2700SP/hr.
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