I have a Yacht

After some research into what might be the best ship for travelling around the galaxy these days, I’ve gone out and bought a Victorieux Luxury Yacht.

With the fittings I’ve got for it, I can align to a destination and go to warp pretty fast. I’ve fit an Interdiction Nullifier to it for those times when it’s in a warp bubble, as well as Covert Ops Cloak to hide out in space. And its warp speed is almost 14 AU per second. Nice!

And it’s got all the modern luxuries a travelling pacifist could hope to have in a ship. A travelling RICH pacifist, maybe… damn thing cost me over 300 million ISK!

But I’ve been travellling around a lot today and sold a lot of ships and items, so I’ve more than made up for the cost.

I’m out in nullsec now, having gone out to my old stomping ground when I was with OUCH (Open University of Celestical Hardship) and the Art of War Alliance.

It’s quiet out here. I’ve hardly seen anyone at all. And no warp bubbles anywhere! It’s peaceful….

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