The war is over

Just wanted to say that our war ended a couple days ago, when the enemy failed to pay the bill to continue it. I was happy that we only got just over 600 million ISK worth of losses. It could have been worse – and it was for others who had been simultaneously wardec’d by the enemy as well, with losses in the billions.

I decided to make public the wartime operations policies and tips that I utilise within my corp. I know it’s valuable information that can help people stay safe if they use it properly. You can find it here:

Wartime Operations Policies and Tips

A lot of my experience in past wars has gone into the information on that page. If you find it useful in helping keep you or your corp mates alive during highsec wardecs, please consider donating ISK to me (Black Claw) in-game as a sign of your appreciation. I’ll make good use of it as I continue my travels around the galaxy.

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