13 April 2024
Procurer | Aine Flynn | Killmail | zKillboard

Aine Flynn > you prick

28 January 2024 [evemail received]
Heron | Waskes | Killmail | zKillboard

Hello, my dear black-assed friend. I was flying and just trying to find money, but you destroyed my ship. Like a n***a, he attacked me, even though I was just farming. Attacked a beginner in this game. You’ve upset me, N***a. I hope God will punish you and punish all your loved ones. You could have just left me alone, but you wanted to show your superiority. You saw that this is an ordinary ship, but you were constantly bullied as a child, now you hate everyone. Little n***a. I pray to God that you suffer. With love Waskes

8 January 2024 [chat channel]
Buzzard | Ahtaras Oramara | Killmail | zKillboard

Ahtaras Oramara > hi Mr Claw did you know i was there or was i just unlucky
Black Claw > I scanned you down with combat probes and you weren’t watching your d-scan ๐Ÿ™
Ahtaras Oramara > i thought so had some trouble with a can and wasnt checking
Ahtaras Oramara > Thank you

4 January 2024 [evemail received]
Tadaniki Ita Paaltomo | Character | zKillboard

Tadaniki Ita Paaltomo > Eat shit bitch I’ll slam this kill rights off your face!

1st January 2024 [chat channel]
Gila | Cyber0283 | Killmail | zKillboard

Cyber0283 > stupid son of a bitch
Black Claw > happy new year ๐Ÿ™‚
Cyber0283 > thx
Cyber0283 > never gonna play this game again
Black Claw >ย all the best to you