So I’m back…. again!

Back in May 2021 I said I was back, but I didn’t stay for too long. I got bored with travelling around, it just wasn’t exciting. So I got bored and drifted away again.

But now here we are in 2023, and I’m back again. This time around I decided to get back into lowsec PVP and become a flashy red -10 pirate. I figured it’s probably one of the best ways to regain my interest in the game, by doing something exciting. I found some YouTube videos talking about lowsec PVP and went to hang out in an area where a popular YouTuber lived, so that maybe I can learn from them a bit. It’s already been… educational.

It’s been sooo damn long since I really PVP’d, I’m essentially a noob all over again, but one with 14 million skill points and 13 billion ISK.

I can fly expensive ships, but over the past month I’ve re-learned to keep the cost of those ships wayyy down. Not because I can’t afford to replace them, but because flying expensive ships makes you a very juicy target for other PVP pilots in the area.

I started out dipping my toes in the water, trying to remember how to ‘swim’, but one of the biggest lessons I remembered is how dangerous some of those sharks are!

After losing some expensive ships while remembering how to swim, I’ve learned who the sharks are, and when to stay docked! I’ve also got some better ideas about which ships to fly, and what ships to attack.

It’s all an ongoing work in progress though, but at least the game is fun again.

One of the biggest joys this past month has been remembering a lot of the experiences I used to have in the past, with 0UCH and Art of War Alliance, and lowsec PVP even before those days. It’s all coming back to me again. I don’t know why I went travelling… such a boring pastime, but it made sense at the time.

Oh, sorry… there’s a ship on d-scan. I got to get back to it!

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