BCG War Report #2

Our war started off so well – but it hasn’t gone any further in our favour since then. The enemy is still hitting our members hard, despite all the efforts to avoid casualties on our side. But I’m still not going to tell people to stop playing or to dock up. This is yet another feature of the game, and I’m encouraging my members to continue getting out there, but to learn from their experiences and to learn from what I’m teaching them. I hope they do!

The war report today is as follows:

2nd war report


I’ve also decided to do an analysis of the war across all those that BCG declared war with at the same time. I’ve had an interesting result:

When you look at their successes against PVE corps that have no idea what they’re doing, you can see that highsec wardecs are very lucrative professions for those that want to prey on the weak.

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