The travel yacht, and freedom

One of the first things I did upon returning to New Eden as a pilot after being away for the past 6 or so years was to find out what changes there had been to lowsec and nullsec travel options. The biggest change for me was that Interceptors were no longer automatically immune to warp bubbles, and that a Interdiction Nullifier item was required to be fitted to a compatible ship – and there were only a few ships that were compatible with it:

I was familiar with all the ships except for the Yacht, which I discovered had come out shortly after I had left some years ago.

I thought about how I was going to proceed with my time in New Eden and I knew that being a pacifist again (still) was the most suitable path forward for me. Looking at the list of ships that could fit an Interdiction Nullifier and travel around nullsec, it was clear to me that the Yacht was likely to be the only suitable ship for a dedicated pacifist explorer.

This is how I ended up fitting it:

It’s got a Covert Ops cloak to go with the Nullifier for ‘silent running’ through nullsec, as well as a Microwarpdrive to zoom me out from stations and gates for creating bookmarks. It’s got inertial stabilizers and low friction nozzle joints (rigs) for improving the align time, as well as a velocity optimizer rig for improved warp speed. It doesn’t need to be as fast as an Interceptor, but it’s pretty damn fast…. what’s important about it is that it’s got an alignment time of less than 2 seconds.

It should be damn near untouchable out there as I travel around space.

I endorse this ship for pacifist travels. 🙂

I tested it over the past couple days, and it helped me get past lowsec gate camps by pirates, as well as nullsec warp bubbles. In fact, just over the past couple of days, this is how many systems I’ve travelled through in my yacht:

I’ve been taking the time while travelling around to visit every single system where I’ve had assets – ships and items. I’ve now sold everything I own of my own assets, as well as my sister’s, Alexia Morgan. Between the two of us we came back to New Eden with about 1 billion ISK between us, but after selling everything we owned (literally EVERYthing), I now have 14 billion ISK…. that’s how much was lying around in hangars throughout New Eden, gathering dust.

Being the pacifist now, and only needing the yacht, I sold all my old ships. They were warships, from my past. Tech 2 recons, covert ops, etc. Tech 3 strategic cruisers…. Honestly, it was quite an emotional experience. Most of those ships had been victorious over battles or combat explorations in my past. They all carried memories with them.

But they’re of a different life. No longer useful. So they’re gone now.

Ok, so I’ve still got an old Echelon…. but that’s it. Nothing else. Zilch.

It’s refreshing!

Seems I did 1,500 transactions over the past few days, if I’m reading this right….

Yes, I was busy….

It’s nice. I feel free. I have no assets, nothing tying me down to any single location, and a lot of money to carry me forward.

Freedom. I love it.

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