Hi, I’m Black Claw, and I started my experience in New Eden back in 2006. After many years learning how to survive lowsec and nullsec combat, I ended up creating some corps and alliances to teach others how to fight and survive too. Then I got bitten by the travel bug and I wanted to see the galaxy. I spent a few years travelling around New Eden, documenting my travels and experiences along the way.

I decided to create a corp for my travels, and to have members that were interested in travelling and exploring New Eden too. I called it Touring New Eden, and this became its blog.

But in 2015 I got distracted and left the game, finally returning on 1st June 2021. I immediately got back into things. I sold all my historical combat ships and equipment and other random rubbish, and bought a luxury yacht and fit it for travel. 

A lot’s changed in Eve Online, but that just means there’s a lot more to do now!¬†There’ll be more travels in the future, in between all the other adventures I might get involved in along the way. This blog will be where I share those adventures with you.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.