What have I been doing?

I became a flashy red pirate again.

I stumbled back into New Eden in October 2023, probably like that friend who shows up at the party uninvited. I decided to spice things up and went full throttle into solo lowsec PVP, deciding to become the neighborhood -10 pirate.

Fast forward, and amazingly I’ve bagged 234 kills in the last three months. Not to brag, but I’m practically the MVP of my own one-person show. Sure, there were a few faceplants, which I blame on my ability to go AFK and forget I’m flying a spaceship. Classic me. But hey, every loss is just a reminder that space is a harsh classroom, and I’m the perpetually tardy student.

A brilliant idea struck me like a space debris collision about a week ago. Why not reset my -10 security status back to 0 so I don’t need to use an alt any more? It cost me half a billion ISK, but who needs savings when you’re on a spending spree, right? Plot twist: turns out I’ve developed a cosmic bloodlust, and staying on the right side of security is as likely as finding a quiet corner in Jita.

And today, I crafted a Testimonials page for my character bio. It’s like a guestbook for salty comments. Because nothing says “I’m rocking this space pirate gig” like a collection of haters.

My life in New Eden: where the kills are high, the security’s low, and the drama is set to warp speed.

It’s good to be back.

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