A ‘training video’ showing how to travel safely in nullsec

“Back to highsec?” I hear you exclaim.

Yes, that’s right. And you can see a 9 minute video to prove it. I know it’s been a LONG time since I actually moved my ship, but today was a good day to move it. I went off to highsec to perform a mission. I can’t tell you about it yet, but it’s an important mission. Anyway, onto an explanation of the video…

Even though I don’t have to fly to avoid warp bubbles (because I’m in my nullified Loki), I thought I’d show how to do it anyway – for the video.

When I jumped into the ‘chokepoint’ system, I saw that there were a couple pilots hanging out at the gate, and a bubble nearby, acting as a catch bubble. My first priority was to get away from the gate, in case reinforcements came. Local chat showed there were a few in the system.

So I selected a random planet and quickly warped to it (always at 70km). I didn’t want to go to my destination ‘outbound’ gate from this arrival point, because it would be likely that the flight path would be intercepted by a bubble.

Once I got to the planet, I still didn’t want to go to the destination gate from there. I wanted to get to yet another planet and approach it from yet another flight path.

Normally, from this point I’d just warp straight to the gate and jump through, but I decided to warp in at 70km and slowboat to the gate, giving me enough time to show the bubbles that they’d set up to catch the unwary.

In this case, they had three ‘drag’ bubbles. (Catch bubbles will catch you before you reach the gate if they’re placed around 80-100km from it, while drag bubbles will drag you from the gate into the bubble, if it’s placed around 80-100km behind it.) Each of the bubbles was aligned with a different gate, so that no matter which gate someone arrived from, a bubble was setup to grab them. And they had a number of ships around the bubbles just waiting for some prey to get caught.

So the trick to safe travel is to always approach your outbound gate from a planet somewhere, so that you don’t fall victim to their gate-aligned bubbles.

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