Black Claw is back

blackclawHi there. I’m Black Claw. You probably once knew me, I’ve been around for a while. I took a break for a while and Alexia took over the travels. She’s off on some secret mission now, so I’ve taken over her corp – and the travels – while she’s gone.

Here’s a copy of the evemail I sent to the corp. There might be some adjustments some of the corp members will have to make, to get used to a new CEO, but things will continue exactly as normal. Just with me in charge instead.

Ah, it’s good to be back. And flying through highsec, no less….

Hello everyone. I imagine this has come as a bit of a surprise.

Some of you were aware that your CEO up until now, Alexia Morgan, had left nullsec and flew back into highsec. She was doing this as part of some secret mission she’s been engaged with. I don’t know what it is, I just know it’s… secret.

While en route to her mission, she contacted me to ask if I would help her out. She’s my sister, so naturally I said yes. She’s helped me out in the past as well. You can read here about how.

I originally started this trip around the star cluster, many many years ago. Unfortunately, I got a bit… sidetracked. My security status suffered for it, and made it difficult for me to continue. There were two reasons for this: 1) I couldn’t travel in my ship through highsec without being attacked by CONCORD and anyone else that fancied themselves lucky enough, and 2) I hated ratting. I’d rather pull my own teeth out a pair of pliers than waste my time ratting. I’d rather sit in a station and do crossword puzzles than go ratting!

Anyway, you get the idea.

And then the Odyssey system upgrades came out throughout New Eden, and security offices everywhere sprang up and offered improvements to your security status in exchange for tags you could collect or buy. I couldn’t resist. An improvement to my security status without having to rat or pull teeth out with pliers? I was in!

So while Alexia yesterday was flitting around contracting essential items over to me so I could operate in her stead, I was buying security tags on the market and handing them over to CONCORD. Thieving, greedy, sons of… ahem. Well, at least I can fly around highsec again….

Alexia has gone dark. She’s disappeared. I don’t know where she is, and I don’t know how long she’ll be gone for. But I hope she’ll be ok, and I’m sure you will join me in wishing her well.

Touring New Eden, as a pacifist corp, wasn’t my idea. But I’m going to respect my sister’s wishes and ensure that this corp continues along the same path she set for it. There will not be any changes to anything you’ve come to hold dear. I have no interest in destabilising this corp for any of you.

I will make this corp continues to be the successful, pacifist venture that she started. My own history has been heavily involved in leading corporations involved in anti-piracy, security operations, industrial activities, piracy (I know, an interesting career change…), and solo combat.

Together, Alexia and I ran a nullsec survival and combat training corporation for a while, and we share the same knowledge and experience. I can assure you that you’re in good hands with me as your new CEO.

If any of you have any questions, just ask.
Black Claw, CEO

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