This pacifist alliance won the war

A few days ago we were wardec’d because apparently one of our members had the nerve to operate in a lowsec system that was owned by the wardecer, and they wanted 500 million ISK or they’d not rest until the alliance was destroyed.

Here we go again, I thought.

So the alliance went into wartime operations, again. I don’t mind, I’ve been through too many wars to be phased by them any more. And TOURING provides education and guidance to its members on how to handle wars and stay alive.

The war lasted almost 4 days before our enemy offered a surrender, which I accepted.

Why did they surrender?

Around this time last year I wrote an article called Can a pacifist corp win a war?

“Isn’t that an interesting question. In New Eden, where ‘might makes right’, and disputes are settled at the end of high-powered ship weaponry, one might ask, how can pacifism succeed when war has been declared?

I think it can, and while it might not be easy to fulfil, I think it’s easily possible.”

There’s a couple of rules I have in the TOURING Code of Conduct that is relevant here.

#2) Our members are honest with each other and the wider community – “This will not change during times of war. We will always operate with integrity…”


#3) Our members treat all players, everywhere, with respect – “This includes being respectful of flashy red pirates and other hostiles…”

It includes war enemies.

In alignment with our code of conduct, I engaged in ongoing casual discussion with the CEO of our enemy, treating them with respect and honesty. As a result, we built up a relationship, exchanging information about our values and the things that we enjoyed.

We found that we were both just a couple of guys playing a game, doing it in the ways that we both enjoyed.

In the initial stages of this war, and our casual discussions, they provided me with information about why they started the war and which members were disloyal and providing them with information.

My internal investigations included gathering information from non-alliance members about chat logs that they were part of (which had been passed to me by the enemy), and they confirmed my expectation that what was provided to me was complete fabrication. An API check on the alleged disloyal member also confirmed they had no involvement.

So I talked to the enemy CEO some more and told him how disappointed I was that he lied to me, and that it would be difficult for me to have a relationship in the game with someone that so blatantly lied to me.

He felt bad about it, and asked how he could make amends. I said that if he surrenders this war then that would be a good start.

He surrendered. He apologised for his actions, and he showed he was committed to actually building a relationship with me and with the Haven. alliance.

Why? Because he’s just another guy playing a game, just like the rest of us.

And I treated him with the respect and honesty he deserved, even though he was our enemy.

The moral to the story….

Be respectful, honest and act with integrity when dealing with others, no matter what their status. It doesn’t matter if they’re pirates, mercenaries or enemies in a war. It doesn’t matter if they want you dead. Never lose sight of the fact that today’s enemy can become your friend tomorrow.

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