Can pacifists have allies in a war?

There have been some who have questioned how the pacifist Haven. alliance can involve allies when we’ve been wardec’d, since allowing PVP-focused allies to join us has the possibility of escalating a war in ways that our pacifism woul avoid. Instead of getting bored, an enemy might get excited by ‘good fights’ that they’d get, and the war could be extended instead of ended.

This is true, but I don’t believe allowing allies to join a war we’re in is a violation of our pacifist ways.

While the alliance will refuse to be drawn into conflict because of our pacifism, this is a choice we’re making for ourselves and how we operate. We have no intention of forcing others to be pacifist as well. If other corporations or alliances want to be involved in our wars, then they can. We’ll just continue to remain uninvolved.

However, if a corporation or alliance offers to ally with us in a wardec, but they’ll do so for payment, then I’m going to reject the offer. I’m not interested in paying others to fight in our wars, because that actually encourages and supports violence on our behalf. I’ll only accept those offers that are for 0.00 ISK, which means the organisation offering to join us is doing it for the fun of it, and not for money.

I’m quite happy to encourage people to engage in violence for their own fun and enjoyment, but not so interested in encouraging people to engage in violence for the exchange of money.

It might be a small distinction, but it’s an important distinction in my eyes. As pacifists we’re not going to encourage violence by paying others to fight, but we’re happy to accept others wanting to have some fun as a result of our own situation.

So yes, pacifists can have allies in a war. As long as the pacifists aren’t seeking allies, and only accepting offers of assistance from those that will do it for free.

What are your own thoughts on this? I’d be interested in your feedback.

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