Day 33 – Wicked Creek 1

Regardless of wardecs and the corp administration requirements I have as TOURING continues to grow (120 members now as I write this), I also still need to travel. Sitting still in my ship while I remotely manage the corp and its affairs isn’t going to help me see all of New Eden now, is it. So today the travels continued.

  • YI-GV6 – nothing of interest
  • SOX5L – nothing of interest
  • 1L-OEK – nothing of interest
  • F-QQ5N – nothing of interest

1-7B6D – nothing of interest

While there was ‘nothing of interest here, this system was busy. There was close to 30 people in local, and I decided to warp to the station to have a look and I saw a few ships engaging in various activities. I took some photos and then flew on.

1-7B6D ships 1


1-7B6D ships 2

1-7B6D ships 3

H6-EYX – nothing of interest

There was nothing of any interest in this dead end system, but coming back from it I found a bunch of the busy locals waiting for me on the gate, maybe a dozen or more. I got through them ok, gave them a wave and continued on my travels. I was disappointed they didn’t wave back, but that’s nullsec for you.

  • 4-EFLU – nothing of interest
  • U-HVIX – nothing of interest
  • EIH-IU – nothing of interest
  • 5H-SM2 – nothing of interest
  • Q-GQHN – nothing of interest
  • 4-OS2A – nothing of interest
  • MN-Q26 – nothing of interest

F-EM4Q – nothing of interest

Upon entering this system I found some bubbles around the gate. I thought you might like me taking a photo of them, so here they are:

F-EM4Q bubbles 1

  • XQS-GZ – nothing of interest
  • LKZ-CY – nothing of interest
  • WRL4-2 – nothing of interest
  • V7G-RL – nothing of interest
  • F5M-CC – nothing of interest

TZE-UB – nothing of interest

Again, nothing of interest here, but I did enjoy a chat with Zashi Bublik, a friendly local that’s talked to me before. It’s nice to meet people even out in nullsec that are friendly, and who enquire about your travels and wish you well. Good on you Zashi, thanks for being someone to talk to, to break up the silence out there.

XEN7-0 – something of interest

Unidentified Cartel Hideout

Pirate hideouts are often found tucked away inside the deadspace pocket of a high security system or floating more openly in the lawless sectors of space, where they attract questionable clientele. For the Cartel, these places serve as a home and base of operations. At any given time, the occupants must be able to answer the call to arms or provide sanctuary to ranking members of the Cartel’s shadowy leadership.

EXN7-0 cartel hideout 1


I’m going to have to fix my camera settings again. The photos are too dark…

H-HHTH – nothing of interest

There was nothing of interest in this system, but it was a good time to stop for the day. See you next time!

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