New banner – thanks Rixx Javix!

I’ve often engaged with Rixx Javix over the years for banner designs for various blogs and corps I’ve been involved with, and he’s always come through with some fantastic designs based around Eve Online imagery.

So of course I asked him if  he could do a banner for this blog too, and as I’ve come to expect from Rixx, the end result is superb. You can see for yourself just by looking up the top of the screen there at the new banner.

Thanks Rixx!

And what’s even cooler is that he donated this to the effort of journeying around the galaxy, so I’ve included him in the donator images on the Donate page.

I’m very grateful for all donations that help me on my journey. Even helping me save money is as good as donating me money.

If you want banners or logos done for your blog or website, or for your corp or alliance, make sure you contact Rixx Javix in-game. 

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