Making contact with SOLAR FLEET

So now that I’m in player controlled nullspace, I thought it would be a good idea to contact the diplomat for SOLAR FLEET, the alliance that controls this neck of the woods, and see if I can get temporary blue status so that I can somewhat safely use the stations that I pass by.

No such luck. I spoke to J Malkavian, who advised me that they don’t have a policy of granting blue status to individuals, so I was shit out of luck. (Just for the record, that was my opinion on my luck, not his.)

I’ll just continue on with my travels, dodging the Russians when I see them, and hopefully find some friendly territories further on.

It’s given me an idea though, to create a ‘blues page’, where I can have full disclosure about who’s blue with me, so that people can see who is supporting my journey.

I’ll go make up the page now.

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