Latest donations from generous supporters

I can’t do this without the support of those who generously donate to help me travel the New Eden cluster. Thanks to them, I can afford to replace my ship should I get attacked and lose it.

I’m trying to get around the entire cluster of more than 5,000 systems without losing the ship. An ambitious goal, I know, but I do think it’s achievable.

But I’ve got no illusions that it’ll be easy. It won’t be, and I will probably lose my ship.

So every time someone helps me with a generous donation, I’m announcing them on this blog, as well as listing them on my donate page and putting their avatar in a montage of those who aid me with their support.

The latest to add their support include:

  • Coffee Rocks
  • Tenaris Zeratul
  • Kythar
You can find out more on the Donate page. 
Thank you again to everyone that wants to support me in this adventure.
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