Day 26 – Insmother

I’ve been busy. Ever since getting back into my ship I’ve had to fly from Berta (Derelik) back to where I left off in Insmother. A full 40 jumps back through lowsec and into nullsec.

But it’s been a fantastic time! I’ve had some ideas that I’ve followed through on while I’ve been slowly making my way back to where I needed to be.

  1. I’ve created a database of regions and systems that can be filtered by a number of columns. It also automatically updates on the page when I save the Excel spreadsheet that I work in. And I’ve got it to always be showing the number of systems I’ve explored, and the percentage of systems in relation to the total. I’m pretty happy with it.
  2. I decided to start another Eve bloggers portal, and make it completely fresh and up to date with today’s active blogs, and make sure it stays up to date. More on that elsewhere.
But now I’m back in Insmother, and the journey continues!
I left C1G-XC and moved into 4LB-EL and made my way down the pipe.
  • 4LB-EL – nothing of interest
  • UDE-FX – nothing of interest
  • 5IH-GL – nothing of interest
  • 04-EHC – nothing of interest
W-MF6J – something of interest
I love it when I enter a system and find something new. In this one there was a station, which I decided to have a look at. And the system was empty. But it turned out to be an Outpost rather than a station, and no amount of knocking would allow me entry.
So I got some photos instead.

I was looking in the windows, in my cloaked Loki, at all the people going about their business, oblivious to me looking in on them.
But then it was time to move on. I had to go back up the pipe however, to continue my journey to the north-east of the region map.
When I came back into C1G-XC I thought I’d have a look at a nearby cosmic anomaly, an Angel Port. 
I really do love how the new scanner shows up the cosmic anomalies in the system….
  • DFH-V5 – nothing of interest

ROJ-B0 – something of interest

In here I found another landmark, a Deserted Gallente Outpost:

The expansion of the Federation’s values is a cause that throughout Federation history has been met with mixed support and varied interpretations by each newly elected administration. Across the Federation’s borders and beyond, many of these outposts and settlements are now neglected and cast off, having come and gone as quickly as the politicians who built them.

And the journey continues…
  • B-II34 – a dead end system, nothing of interest
  • EJ48-O – nothing of interest
  • A-TJ0G – nothing of interest
  • 1TG7-W – nothing of interest
U-UTU9 – something of interest
Abandoned Ship Wreck

After thousands of years among the stars, the space lanes of New Eden have become littered with countless abandoned ships. The twisted and gnarled hulls of these empty vessels float silently, offering up no explanation as to their lonely fate.

I love these ship wrecks, but it always intrigues me how they’re always the same ship. If anyone ever sold me that model, there’s no way I’d buy it, they always run into asteroids!

After getting some photos of the pirates roaming the ship wreck, I moved on.
  • QYD-WK – nothing of interest
And with that, I’m done for today. See you tomorrow!
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