I’m just a neutral journalist

One of the things that’s become very clear to me is that I need to maintain complete neutrality as I travel around the galaxy. I want to mix with every corp or alliance that I can, to meet their pilots, to shake their hands, to fly in space with them as they show me interesting and exciting things that I can take photos of and write about in this blog.

I can’t do that if I join any of them as a combatant.

I’m a travelling, neutral journalist, with no interest in taking sides, and no interest in shooting anyone.

My killboard can be seen here, with my last kill being in January 2011.

I have no intentions of being an aggressor against anyone while I’m on this journey, because that would potentially damage my neutrality. I’m even thinking about hanging up my guns and being completely unarmed, but I’m still trying to work out if that would be stupid or reasonable.

See, if I shoot at someone, even in defence, and I end up killing them, that counts as a kill on my killboard. If someone looks at my killboard and sees a history of occasional kills while I’m travelling around, but they don’t have time to read the extensive blog posts and find the context of that kill, they can potentially think that I’m not neutral, I’m going around killing people while I’m travelling.

While that’s somewhat normal, what happens if one of my kills is of someone who’s in an alliance that’s considering inviting me to their special event, and then they see that I’ve killed one of their alliance pilots? That wouldn’t look very good, and I’m likely to have that invitation cancelled.

So from this ‘debate’ I’ve just had with myself, I think that for the duration of my travel around the galaxy, it’ll be a much better idea for me to just hang up my guns and avoid killing people, maintaining my neutrality all the way around the galaxy.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with me, or do you have a different opinion?

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