Travel Tip – Travel like a Ninja

A long time ago (OOC) I used to practice the martial art of Ninjitsu. One of the tricks I learnt was how to be ‘invisible’.

There’s this interesting thing about human nature, that most people are so caught up in their own little world of internal thought that they have very little ‘processing energy’ to anything outside of their own mind. It’s not until someone comes into their little sphere of awareness that they might pay attention to them.

So the trick to remaining invisible as you travel the streets is to avoid making eye contact with people. You just don’t appear on their ‘radar’ because you’re not looking at them, you’re not interacting with them on an energy level in any way whatsoever. Keep your head down, keep walking, withdraw your energy into yourself, and no one will notice you.

I’ve tested it many times. It works. It only fails when you raise your head and look someone in the eye. Suddenly you’re visible to them, you’ve intersected their awareness.

You can be a ‘ninja’ in Eve too. When you’re travelling solo, don’t talk. Say nothing in local. Don’t bring yourself to people’s attention.

They’ll assume you’re afk and ignore you. If they’re roaming and looking for a target, you won’t be on their radar because you’re ‘invisible’ to them.

People who talk in local, especially the ones who think that ‘smack talk’ is really cool, will instantly come to an aggressor’s attention. They’ll want to find you, especially if you tell them they’re losers ’cause you’re cloaked and they can’t find you.

Then they’ll want to take your words and shove them up your ass, so they’ll organise secret gate camps around you with interdicts, interceptors, and battlecruisers. Before you know it, you’re fucked.

Because you were stupid enough to open your mouth and come to their attention.

Be a ninja. Stay quiet, stay under the radar. You’ll travel much further without anyone even noticing you.

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