Russian gate campers posing for the camera


I woke up this morning and was checking out the latest comments on my Reddit updates when suddenly a few of the Russians entered the system, one of whom was James Harmstridge, who I’d been talking to last night. They were gate camping for a bit of late-night fun (Russian time zone).

I moved in closer and took a few photos, which they enjoyed. They were posing and smiling for the camera.

You can just imagine Russians standing around posing for the camera, right? With their AK-74’s cradled in their arms. And then when the posing is finished, they go off and kill some enemies. ‘Cause that’s what Russians do, right?

Well, usually. These Russians ended up going to bed instead. Everyone’s gotta sleep!

Here’s some photos. I’m not going to identify who’s flying what, because providing intel isn’t what this blog is about. It’s about journeying around the galaxy, while enjoying interesting things to see and experience along the way. And taking photos of them.

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