Day 29 – Insmother

Back in 15th June I did ‘Day 28’ of my journey throughout New Eden. It’s been almost 5 weeks since then, and I finally got around to completing the final bunch of systems in Insmother. Thank the Gods! Four weeks of Alexia sitting in the same system, with all the locals passing by and wondering what the hell she was doing there, and then me in there this week. But it’s over now. I’m not in Insmother any more.

I tried to do things a bit differently. After some testing with Fraps, that was useless. And I wasn’t using the free version. So then I went back to Xsplit and set that up for just recording locally, so that I can edit it after recording and edit out the boring bits.

That went fine – I did the systems, I did the narration of what I was doing and why, and the things I was looking at, and why I was changing the views around, etc. But then when I finished – about 40 minutes worth of video – and it came time to edit it, I found that the editing software I have (Windows Movie Maker) didn’t accept the file format I saved it in.


So this blog post has no screenshots and no video. It’s just a record of the systems I went through, for posterity.

Don’t worry – next time, I’ll get the damn thing right!


  • RERZ-L – Natural Phenomena
  • SHBF-V – nothing of interest
  • 3U-48K – nothing of interest
  • 0UBC-R – nothing of interest
  • 67Y-NR – nothing of interest
  • GDHN-K – nothing of interest
  • RQN-00 – nothing of interest
  • GK5Z-T – nothing of interest
  • QTME-D – nothing of interest
  • A24L-V – Natural Phenomena
  • L5-UWT – nothing of interest
  • I-1QKL – nothing of interest
  • EFM-C4 – nothing of interest
  • 74-VZA – nothing of interest

Scalding Pass

  • 6-EQYE – nothing of interest

It’s nice to finally be in the next region, and I can cross Insmother off the list.

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