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The history of Eve…. It goes back a long way, to 2003. It’s been over 10 years now, and in that time a lot has happened.

In my travels, I’ve started collecting information about the various regions that I’ve gone through. So far, I’ve only done it with the Curse region. You can see the regions that I’m gathering information on in the above History of Eve menu. As I gather more information about more regions, that list will expand.

There’s 64 regions in New Eden. I won’t want to make 64 different menu items, so eventually, as more history pages are built, I’ll put them into groups, probably sorted alphabetically. That should work. In fact, I might even do that after writing this post….

Anyway. I can’t do it without your help. The information you have of historical events throughout New Eden’s history, is invaluable, and I’d like you to help me document it.

Please reply to this post below and provide the following information that you think should be recorded for posterity.

  • Year (eg. 2004):
  • Name of Region:
  • Alliance:
  • Corporation:
  • Location name:
  • Details of the event:

For example:

  • Year: 2004
  • Name of Region: Curse
  • Alliance:
  • Corporation: Queens of the Stone Age
  • Location
  • Details of the event: The Queens of the Stone Age corporation was founded and commenced pirating activities in Curse and Empire space

The information you provide will go into a relevant page that will document the history.

Please help build this. I need you – you’re my only hope.  🙂

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