Welcome to Touring New Eden!

Author: Alexia Morgan

You probably know my brother, Black Claw, a lot better than you know me. But he’s asked me to continue on where he left off.

Which is where, exactly?

Well, smack dab in the middle of Great Wildlands. So I’m heading there now to meet up with him, where he’s going to transfer his measly ISK balance to my account, as well as all his current bookmarks. That will allow me to continue the journey he started.

So you’re probably wondering why he’s not doing it. The reason is that it’s just easier for me to travel around the cluster than it is for him. Him with his -8.9 security status that’s a pain in the ass to get back towards 0, and me with my -1.2 sec status. Seems pretty simple really, when you think about it.

I’m going to be doing this a bit different to how Black Claw was doing it. I’m going to be doing it faster, but it’ll still take me more than a year to complete.

But hey, that’s what you do for family. You help them out, even if it takes a year or more of your life….

So here’s the new agenda.

I’m going to try and get through 100 systems every week. I’m going to be ZOOMING through them! I’ll tell you about the area I’m in, and I’ll be happy for invitations that some of you might send me to see things that will be of interest.

Like Titans jumping. Or C-beams glittering in the dark near the New Eden gate. Or attack ships on fire off the Mekhios graveyard. Or other such interesting things.

I’ll be a casual observer, travelling the cluster, documenting every system only in passing, and lingering only for the stuff that’s worth writing about.

I need YOU to help out. I want to meet you, or at least say hi in local. I want you to invite me to interesting or special events that you’d like me to witness, to take photos (screenshots) of, and to write about.

I’ll even write about you if you give me something to write about! You can be part of this ‘documentary’ of me travelling the cluster.

Ok, that’ll do for a first post. I’ve got to make my way to Black Claw, and there’s 15 jumps of nullsec goodness between us….

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