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UPDATE: I’ve made this page my ‘Player History of Curse’ page.  I will do the same in the future with all the regions that I visit, dedicating a page to the timeline of that region’s player/corporation/alliance history.  Please enjoy:

Player History of Events

2003 YC105

  • The Eye of God corporation is one of the oldest corps in the game, basing themselves in Curse before moving on to the Outer Ring. They were the founding member of the NORAD Alliance (before alliances were official entities in Eve).
  • [Added 24 Oct 2011] Curse Alliance formed, founded by Vengeance of the Fallen, Red Alliance, Nomads, STK scientific, Red corsairs, Black Omega Security, mOo Corp, Sinister Corp and a number of ‘local’ corporations already living in the Curse region. During their time they would eventually conquer and own 12 regions, including Curse, Great Wildlands, Scalding Pass, Cache, Wicked Creek, Detorid, and Insmother.
  • [Added 24 Oct 2011] It was alleged that mOo Corp was involved in pirating activities while in Curse Alliance, and this resulted in a major war occurring between the Curse Alliance and Stain Alliance. (mOo corp left Curse Alliance before the war ended, and eventually returned to pirating.)  The border between Curse and Catch in 0SHT-A was the location of many battles, but eventually Curse Alliance lost the war and were driven out of many of their regions.

2004 YC106

  • The Queens of the Stone Age corporation was founded and commenced pirating activities in Curse and Empire space.

2005 YC107

  • Shadow alliance moved to Curse from Catch and Stain, settling in S1DP. They were eventually kicked out by the Tau Ceti Federation [TCF] in 2006, and moved to HLW.
  • [Added 24 Oct 2011] Curse Alliance disbanded due to internal conflict.

2006 YC108

  • The Coreli corporation moved into Curse where it began developing neural booster technology.

2007 YC109

  • It was announced that Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, based in in Curse and Catch, was part of a large Goonswarm coalition of alliances that had formed up to attack Lotka Volterra. Totaling approximately 15,000 pilots, with more than two hundred capital ships and spread across 3 timezones.
  • Infinitus Odium [INFOD] moved into Curse to assist GoonSwarm against Lotka Volterra.
  • The Shadow alliance were again attacked by TCF in 2007, and were forced to flee from Curse.  TCF, RA and Goons were doing their best to remove their enemies from Curse and Great Wildlands.
  • The Clown Punchers Syndicate [BOZO] were active in Curse from 2007 through to 2010. [Black Claw: they were known by my corp as the pilots with the foullest mouths in all of Eve. The number of BOZO’s we had to block so we couldn’t see their filth on comms was truly amazing.]

2008 YC110

  • Ghost Festival [PRETA] was founded and is based in Curse, with Myrhial Arkenath as its’ CEO, and a member of the NARAKA alliance. According to records, it is the longest running dedicated roleplaying corporation in Eve, engaged in an extensive number of illegal enterprises with the Angel Cartel.
  • Ushra’Khan relocated to Curse to rebuild, while launching raids into Providence and seek out new allies.
  • The Littlest Hobos corporation joined Ushra’Khan in Curse for a while before joining the Ushra’Khan alliance.
  • Atlas alliance moved into the Curse region to support the ‘Greater BoB Community’ (GBC) campaign against its enemies. This involved 350 capitals and 600 fleet ships. While initially successful, the forces were eevntually defeated in a series of large capital battles in Tribute.
  • The Purgatory. corporation was founded, active in Curse and other Empire areas. Their focus is on training new pilots with mostly PVE operations.
  • A Tau Ceti Federation (TCF) alliance fleet entered Hemin and began to attack a starbase registered to The Requiem alliance. A TCF dreadnought was isolated and at risk of being destroyed. TCF then jumped in an Avatar-class titan which detonated its doomsday device and cleared the field of enemy vessels freeing the dreadnought from its difficulties. In response, The Requiem opened a cynosural field through which a Ragnarok-class titan jumped into system. Several carriers were also deployed by The Requiem together with numerous subcapital vessels. The total TCF fleet was approximately 120-strong combining capital and subcapital assets. While subcapital losses on each side were roughly the same – estimated at 65 for The Requiem, 60 for TCF plus some allied losses – no TCF capitals were lost and the Ragnarok, registered to Game-Over corporation, was destroyed together with 5 carriers of The Requiem alliance.

2009 YC111

  • A Band of Brothers (BoB) Avatar-class titan, registered with the Black Nova Corporation, was trapped and destroyed in H-ADOC by a 120-strong GoonSwarm fleet supported by Pandemic Legion forces. While over 90 battleships are believed to have been fielded none were lost in the operation. A BoB Revelation-class dreadnought was also destroyed during the action.
  • Morsus Mihi were redeployed a number of times from Curse to assist with the defence of GoonSwarm assets.
  • After completing their very first mercenary contract in Curse, the Controlled Chaos alliance was extended an invitation to join what became known as the “HEX” coalition to invade Cloud Ring. A campaign was waged against Dara Cothrom & allies which was met with large resistance when Cry Havoc, Mostly Harmless and other Northern Coalition entitles became involved. Concluding the Cloud Ring campaign Controlled Chaos absorbed an allied alliance, Eradication Alliance, and took settle in 57-YRU during the month of April.
  • Red Alliance lost their sovereignty in Insmother region, and regrouped in Curse.
  • The Aggression alliance (now disbanded) was active in Curse, engaging in guerilla operations along the Doril pipe and slowly strangling the 0.0 alliances that relied on that route. In mid-2009, they were allied with ATLAS alliance, but within the space of a week of ATLAS resetting them, they went from over 2,200 members, 25 corporations, 62 systems and 6 outposts, to only 10 members in a single holding corp.
  • Gentlemen’s Club alliance, while residing in nearby Scalding Pass, harrassed occupants of Curse at every opportunity.
  • A lightly-escorted Nyx-class mothership from the STYX alliance was ambushed and destroyed in Utopia by a force of approximately 25 ships from the Krautbreak alliance. Apart from the destruction of the mothership, each side took a small number of battleship losses.

2010 YC112

  • OUCH (Open University of Celestial Hardship) began ‘nullsec survival and PVP training’ operations in Curse, teaching new pilots and ‘carebears’ how to survive and fight in nullsec.
  • Pandemic Legion moved to Curse.
  • Burnt out by alliance warfare, Quantum Industries corporation leaves RAZOR and tries Wormhole Operations and briefly joins Brick Squad in Curse in an effort to revitialize itself. The attempt is deemed a failure and QI enters a hiatus, keeping only a small active member-base of veterans and returning members
  • Majesta Empire and Controlled Chaos had a road trip to Curse for a week, setting up a nullsec base of operations in Hemin.

2011 YC113

  • Coreli Corporation reactivated and set up operations in Curse, joining with Angel Cartel loyalists in the Naraka alliance.
  • Aggravated Assault is an alliance formed by Appetite 4 Destruction, based in Curse.
  • An assault into the Curse region by Test Alliance Please Ignore, Gentlemen’s Agreement, and a number of other Deklein coalition members was put on hold to accommodate a call for help from the Northern Coalition. The Curse strategy was initially to create a diversion into the Drone Russian Forces lines by disrupting sovereignty in the south controlled DRF region.
  • Razor Alliance was in Providence and Curse searching for their soul or something.

Does anyone else have any more information about Curse? Please send it to me so that I can update this page.

I’m still working on a timeline of Eve based on recorded histories of player corporations and alliances throughout the regions that I travel in. It’s a big job, so any help from you guys would be really appreciated.

[Added 24 Oct 2011] Information has been gathered with thanks from the following sources:

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