Touring New Eden is for the hippie space ninjas

Hippie – a person who rejects conventional society to live a life based on peace and love.
Space – the vast emptiness that we call New Eden.
Ninjas – expert practitioners of stealth and evasion.

Hippie Space Ninjas: people who reject conventional society and expectations for a life based on peace and love, living anywhere throughout New Eden, and who are experts at stealth and evasion.

Conventional society and expectations for New Eden pod pilots is to jump in a warship and go kill. You’re immortal anyway, right? So it doesn’t matter if you go kill people and be killed in the process. You’ll just wake up in a new clone anyway, and continue the process.

But you’re also forgetting about the people who don’t wake up in clones. The crews of the ships that are destroyed in the battles between the immortals. They’re not coming back. They’re hoping that you’ll be good enough to keep them alive, but most of the time, you don’t. And you don’t even care.

All you do is kill until you’re killed, and then you kill some more. You only think about yourself, you never think about the people whose lives you’re permanently affecting, the crews of the ships that are dying and never coming back. And at the end of a fight, you never even give them a thought. Along the way you try to earn some meagre ISK to buy more ships and fittings to continue the killing cycle.

What’s the point of it all?

Your life is based on earning money and fulfilling an expectation placed upon you – to join a corp and kill other pod pilots. You have to live according to the demands placed upon you. You’re told what to do and where to go. You’re told what to defend and who to attack. You’re told when to die. All in the name of your corporate masters.

But some pod pilots decide that’s not the life for them. They don’t want to kill or be killed, so they take up lives of peace, engaging in trade, exploration, mining and manufacturing, or scientific pursuits.

They want to mind their own business, but they’re often hampered by those mindless pod pilots who do what they’re told, day in and day out, repeating the same endless cycles of death and destruction.

“There’s a miner. Kill them!”
“There’s someone travelling through our area. Kill them!”
“There’s someone waving… kill them!”

It’s ridiculous and pointless. It serves only your corporate masters, who require your obedience and fear to perpetuate their power over you.

Most of you will be so indoctrinated by ‘the rules of the game’ and the goals and propaganda of your corporate masters that these words will simply be laughed at and scorned as you continue perpetuating the cycle that you’re part of. You might even think that because I write these words, I deserve to die as well. Because that’s all you can think of – killing. There’s no other choice for you.

But there are some of you who will read these words and be hit with a realisation. You’ll suddenly see through the fog in your mind and realise that you no longer want to be part of that pointless cycle that you’re currently part of.

And it’s to those who want to change their lives, or those who are already living a life without killing, that I’m writing this for.

If you want to get away from the mindless pursuit of killing for no other purpose than the kill, then it’s you who I’m aiming these words at.

Touring New Eden is my corporation. In Touring, you have freedom to do what you want. I don’t perpetuate fear and propaganda designed to inspire you to achieve more kills. Instead, I perpetuate peaceful aspirations of travel and exploration of this amazing cluster of stars we call New Eden. I encourage corp members to explore their dreams, to do whatever takes their fancy. I encourage them to live wherever they choose in New Eden.

I also provide guidance in how to travel this harsh galaxy, and how to avoid dying even as you travel through the darkest depths of nullsec. I provide guidance in understanding and avoiding the hazards out there that are waiting to trap and kill the unwary.

There’s only one rule I have in Touring New Eden: do not attack any other pod pilot.

Touring New Eden is for those ‘hippie space ninjas’ out there, who want to travel without killing, and wish to avoid killing as they pursue their dreams. It’s for those who want to break away from conventional expectations placed upon them, and live their own lives around New Eden, in control of their own choices, doing their best to practice stealth and evasion to avoid the pod pilots out there looking to kill them.

It’s for the loners, solo pilots and nomads out there, who prefer doing their own thing instead of flying in fleets looking for others to kill.

Is that you? Are you interested in learning more about this? Then contact Alexia Morgan ingame, or join the TOURING chat channel to discuss it with someone.

I look forward to helping you change your life.

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