The Ushra’Khan

I was just reading up about the Ushra’Khan, catching up on their history. A long time ago I used to be a member of U’K. It was back in late 2009, in their days of glory. I enjoyed it. Fond memories.

I was thinking that when my tour of the galaxy is over, I might join up with them again, but instead of being a pilot in one of their member corps, I think I’d like to have my corp join them. It probably won’t be this corp I’m running now though, as it’s just for my tour of New Eden.

I might have my corp The Punishers join it, if they’ll have me at the time. And of course, if they’re still around at the time! I think it’ll be a couple years before I’ve completed my travel around the entire galaxy. They just might not be around by then.

But I’m Minmatar. Their phrase“We come for our people!” calls to me. It always has, but my own personal projects have kept me distant.

After I joined Phaze-9, a member corp of U’K, I was in it for only two months before I started the Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH) and decided to leave U’K.

But it’d be nice to go back when I’m done with my personal missions, and put more time into helping out my people find freedom again.

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