OOC: Eve Bloggers

It looks like www.evebloggers.com is dead. It’s still showing new posts from blogs that have been added in the past, but no site updates or new blog additions have been done since July 2012 – coincidentally, that was when I last updated it…

I logged into the game last night for the first time since December 2012 and asked those who were sitting in the EVE-BLOGGERS chat room if Marc Scaurus was around. No one had seen him. Someone got excited that I was talking, that SOMEONE was actually talking in this channel.

I checked and found out I was still an admin of the channel, so I took it back over.

Unfortunately, evebloggers.com can’t be taken over by me. So I’m thinking of another solution.

  • Step One – find out from the Eve blogging community if there’s currently a solution that is active, and that they’re happy with. If there isn’t, proceed to…
  • Step Two – build a solution.

One of the things I’m passionate about is community. I loved building the Eve blogging community from back in 2009. It’s now 2013. I’m wondering how it’s changed, and what it’s changed to.

Is there a blogging community today? If not, what do we have instead? Is there a need to develop community again?

These are questions whose answers I’ll enjoy exploring.

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