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One of the things I’ve always loved over the years of being in Eve Online has been learning, understanding and working with the strategies inherent in corp and alliance activities. I’ve often been a ‘strategic advisor’ to others in the game, either other CEOs or other pilots. I’ve also written about strategy with a series of ‘Art of War’ articles some years ago, and I created the Art of War alliance when I was leading OUCH.

Because of my interest in strategy, I recently decided to start promoting my services as a strategic advisor to people that might be interested in the advice I can give them. I set up a forum ad for it, which has had some interest, but I’m seeking more clients. Below is my ad for the services I offer. I look forward to hearing from anyone that might be interested.

Everyone has problems. You have problems – that’s why you clicked on the title and you’re now reading this.

I firmly believe that for every problem there is a solution, and I’m here to help you find the solution to your problem.


A Strategic Advisor is someone who can guide you in finding, creating or achieving the solution to a problem you have, so that it’s no longer a problem. They can also help you work out which tactics to apply to the strategy.


A strategy is the creation of goals and how to achieve them, while tactics are the tools and methods you use. They’re two very different things. Strategy is the ‘what’, while tactics refers to the ‘how’.


To help you, I’ll first need to know your problem so that I can create a strategy that, when applied, will give you a successful outcome. I’ll advise you on how you can follow or apply the strategy so that you can achieve the solution. I might even be able to help you achieve it myself, depending on what is involved.

Everyone’s problems are unique, and a strategy for one problem might not be relevant for another, similar problem. Strategies need to be created and managed according to the unique variables of your problem.


Very good question. I’ve been playing this game for about 8 years now. In that time I’ve successfully created and managed industrial corporations, PVP corporations (anti-pirate and pirate), and even PVP training corporations (OUCH). I’ve built relationships and alliances (Art of War Alliance, Haven.), I’ve fought and won wars, and I’ve successfully negotiated peace treaties with hostile entities that don’t normally allow for peace.

The strategic achievements that I’ve had with 8 years of experience within Eve Online is what I offer as a Strategic Advisor.


  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Diplomatic negotiations
  • Relationship building
  • Corp / alliance management
  • How to win a wardec
  • How to stay alive

That’s just a small selection, which might also not be applicable to your own situation. Contact me to find out if I can help you with your specific problem.


Just to be clear, you won’t be employing me. I won’t be joining your corp, and I’ll instead be an independent advisor or consultant to you. No one will know that I’m your Strategic Advisor if you don’t want to tell anyone. I may act on your behalf as a consultant if I have the tactical experience to help you achieve the strategic outcomes, but I won’t be joining your corp.

To start the process, you send me an evemail detailing your problem. I take careful note of what your problem is, and I ask you questions to help me understand more about you, your corporation or your alliance, and the problem you have.

I provide you with a free proposal that outline the problem as I understand it, and a summary of the outcomes you can expect from my assistance as your Strategic Advisor. If I don’t think I have the experience to help you, I’ll let you know. The proposal will also quote the fee for my service as your Strategic Advisor.

It will cost you nothing to tell me your problem and get your free quote. Should you decide to accept the quote and proceed, you’ll pay 50% in advance (of whatever the quote is) to secure my services. The balance will be paid according to conditions outlined in the quote, but will usually be after you have achieved a successful outcome from my service to you.


That problem that’s on your mind, that caused you to click on this thread and see what the solution was? Now is the time for you to take a step towards finding its solution.

Send me an evemail right now and tell me all about the problem you’ve got. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours with your free quote (unless I’m overwhelmed by responses, in which case I’ll acknowledge your email straight away but get back to you as soon as I can).

You can get in touch with me in-game, or you can send me an email out of game: [email protected]

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