An idea: nullsec tours

I’m an expert at getting around nullsec safely. I can do it almost in my sleep (just not with the auto-pilot). Yesterday I helped someone get half a billion ISK worth of material out of their mobile depot in nullsec and safely into highsec. For me this was something easy. I did it in my interceptor. For them, it was a nerve-wracking experience. They were extremely grateful for my help, and gave me this as a gift.


I was very thankful for the gift! It’s my first Astero, and I love it. I probably won’t use it, ’cause I don’t go searching for¬†relic or data sites, but you never know – maybe one day I will, now that I have it.

But the experience I had started me thinking about something. And as I travelled around another nullsec region to cross it off my list, and as I easily made my way through two nullsec gate camps in excess of 40 ships each (one of which was at HED-GP), I kept on thinking.

And today I came up with an idea that I wanted to present to other Eve players for feedback, so here I am, blogging about it.

My idea is to offer Eve pilots tours through nullsec. 

I can create a list of nullsec locations that would be fun to visit, either because of a landmark or interesting event, and interested pilots can sign up for a tour of their chosen destination. I can take pilots there safely (as long as my instructions are followed), and safely return them home to highsec again. Probably. There’s always a risk.

The price for these tours?

A gift.

It can be ISK, or an item, or a ship. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the customer feels is a gesture of what the tour was worth to them, and whatever they can afford to give as a gesture of their appreciation for the nullsec tour.

This can allow new players and veterans alike to take advantage of these tours, to pay for their experience in a way that they can afford, and that shows their gratitude for the tour.

Do you think this idea has merit?

Please provide your feedback below, thank you.

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