My route around the galaxy

When Black Claw started this journey around New Eden he worked out a path that he’ll follow, which takes him through every single region only once. It’s a good path, and I’ll be following it too.

For your interest, here’s the route I’m taking (note that I started in Curse (red circle around it), and I’m currently in Great Wildlands). It’s going to be a long, interesting journey!

Click to enlarge.

Now, the way I work out which path to travel around New Eden is simple.

  1. Look at the region map.
  2. Look at the entry point.
  3. Look at the exit point.
  4. Work out a route that will allow me to cover every system in the region, finishing up at the exit point.
  5. Start.
  6. Repeat process in next region.
That’s pretty much it. Pretty simple, right? Simple is good for such a large, complicated journey.
Check out where I am compared to where you are, and that will tell you how long it might be before I reach you.
I think this journey will take a couple years, so it might be a few days upwards to a couple years before I get to you. Unless, of course, you come to me at some point.
We can drink ale together.
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