Day 32 – Scalding Pass 3

Today has been quite an exciting day. I decided to finish off this region when I realised that there really weren’t that many systems to do. Well… there were 48 systems in total today, but that was only the unexplored systems documented the first time I go through them. It doesn’t include the number of jumps I made back down the pipes I went up, to return to newer areas to go through unexplored systems. Ah, the life of a traveller. So many systems…

F-5FDA – something of interest

Abandoned Mining Colony

Throughout the history of space flight, countless mining corporations have tried and failed to strike it rich among the stars, fuelled by dreams of lucrative profits and grand adventures. All too often, however, these naïve dreams are met with the cold reality of ambivalent police forces and roving pirates that are all too eager to exploit the lax policing.

F-5FDA abandoned 1

F-5FDA abandoned 3

F-5FDA abandoned 2

  • S1-XTL – nothing of interest
  • RNM-Y6 – nothing of interest
  • AZ3F-N – nothing of interest
  • FYD-TO – nothing of interest
  • ER2O-Y – nothing of interest
  • J2-PZ6 – nothing of interest
  • V-KDY2 – nothing of interest

After exploring this top-left section of the map, I flew back down the pipe, but once I reached F-5FDA I stopped for a bit, because Dim TheBlood was following me. He wanted to know what I was flying, but I told him that even though I’m pacifist, neutral and friendly, I wasn’t going to provide him with intel that could be used against me. He told me if it was bigger than a stealth bomber then he’d move on. I still didn’t tell him. I took a photo of his ship though, which he left decloaked at the gate. Probably hoping I’d attack him so that his buddies could jump through.

F-5FDA Dim TheBlood claw

We talked briefly, but he was mostly trying to gather intel, and accused me of flying through the systems 4 or 5 times, which was silly. If I did that everywhere I went, I’d never get anywhere! I told him the most I would travel through systems would be twice – going up a pipe to get to a dead end area, and coming back down again. He didn’t believe me though. I stopped bothering to talk to him. He wasn’t entirely friendly, but at least he wasn’t abusive. He was certain I was an enemy though.

I waited near the gate he’d entered by for him to leave the system, but he stayed. I wanted to move on only after I knew he’d gone back where he came from, so that I was sure there wasn’t any traps being set for me on other gates.

When travelling around nullsec, you have to be patient. Always.

So after I came back from dinner he was gone. Time to move on again.

  • GN-PDU – nothing of interest
  • 8Q-T7B – nothing of interest

WV0D-1 – something of interest

Abandoned Mining Colony

Strangely enough, this looked EXACTLY like the last abandoned mining colony, so I didn’t bother taking any photos here. You know, seen one abandoned mining colony, seen ’em all. So I moved on.

It was at this point that I realised I could probably finish this region today, so I decided to do exactly that.

  • 4E-EZS
  • ZNF-OK

There was no landmark here, but there was an anomaly name I hadn’t seen before – a Large Bistot Deposit. I went to have a look and surprisingly, there weren’t any rats around. But there were a lot of rocks.

Large Bistot Deposit

Moving right along…

  • C8-7AS – nothing of interest
  • A-80UA – nothing of interest
  • HJ-BCH – nothing of interest
  • WFFE-4 – nothing of interest

71-UTX – something of interest

Unidentified Cartel Hideout

Pirate hideouts are often found tucked away inside the deadspace pocket of a high security system or floating more openly in the lawless sectors of space, where they attract questionable clientele. For the Cartel, these places serve as a home and base of operations. At any given time, the occupants must be able to answer the call to arms or provide sanctuary to ranking members of the Cartel’s shadowy leadership.

71-UTX hideout 1

71-UTX hideout 2

  • Y5-E1U – nothing of interest
  • QPTT-F – nothing of interest
  • PU-UMM – nothing of interest
  • 6-KPAB – nothing of interest
  • 9M-M0P – nothing of interest
  • 9BC-EB – nothing of interest
  • WHI-61 – nothing of interest
  • G15Z-W – nothing of interest
  • ZFJH-T – nothing of interest
  • HQ-Q1Q – nothing of interest
  • H5N-V7 – nothing of interest

I-1B7X – something of interest

Abandoned Ship Wreck

After thousands of years among the stars, the space lanes of New Eden have become littered with countless abandoned ships. The twisted and gnarled hulls of these empty vessels float silently, offering up no explanation as to their lonely fate.

I-1B7X wreck 2

I-1B7X wreck 1

Once I reached the bottom of this pipe I had to go all the way back up again to HJ-BCH, so that I could scoot around to the final group of systems in this region.

  • R-3FBU – nothing of interest
  • ARG-3R – nothing of interest
  • P-N5N9 – nothing of interest
  • K212-A – nothing of interest

Someone left behind some warp bubbles around the gate, but since the system was empty and there was no threat, I thought I’d take a photo of it before heading on.

U-IVGH – something of interest

Abandoned ship wreck

This looked exactly the same as the wreck in I-1B7X, so I didn’t bother taking any new photos.

  • K7-LDX
  • AH8-Q7
  • V-S9YY
  • F2-NXA
  • SD4A-2
  • U6K-RG
  • NSBE-L
  • S-E6ES
  • EIN-QG
  • JMH-PT
  • X9V-15
  • DE-A7P

I’ve finished another region. Exciting stuff!

Wicked Creek

  • YI-GV6

That’s all for today. I’m going to rest for a while. That was tiring…

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