Day 31 – Scalding Pass 2

The journey continues through Scalding Pass. It’s a bit busier here so far than it was in Wicked Creek. I’ve seen a few roaming fleets passing through, and I had someone tell me last night that if I didn’t leave their system within 2 hours there’d be a fleet of his buddies there and they would hunt me down and kill me. I laughed to myself. Empty threats – as if they could find a cloaked ship… But I’m not flying around to make enemies. I told them I’d move on, and I apologised for stressing them out.

So, moving on…

  • Q-K2T7 – nothing of interest
  • XV-MWG – nothing of interest
  • 2-KPW6 – nothing of interest
  • KZFV-4 – nothing of interest
  • IAK-JW – nothing of interest

RYC-19 – something of interest

Derelict Ruins

The ruins of some projects and expeditions are still unknown to this day. Either too secretive or minor to have been remembered in any empire’s history, these ruins remain a complete mystery to the local citizens and scholars alike.

RYC-19 ruins 2

RYC-19 ruins 1

  • X2-ZA5 – nothing of interest
  • WO-GC0 – nothing of interest

28Y9-P – pretty station

28Y9-P station 2

28Y9-P station 1

  • LBC-AW – nothing of interest
  • OAQY-M – nothing of interest
  • 4-43BW – nothing of interest
  • 8CN-CH – nothing of interest
  • 1-7HVI – nothing of interest
    OX-S7P – nothing of interest
  • 3S-6VU – nothing of interest
  • V-F6DQ – nothing of interest
  • SG-75T – nothing of interest
  • N3-JBX – nothing of interest

9PX2-F – something of interest

Unidentified Cartel Hideout

Pirate hideouts are often found tucked away inside the deadspace pocket of a high security system or floating more openly in the lawless sectors of space, where they attract questionable clientele. For the Cartel, these places serve as a home and base of operations. At any given time, the occupants must be able to answer the call to arms or provide sanctuary to ranking members of the Cartel’s shadowy leadership.

9PX2-F hideout 3

9PX2-F hideout 2

9PX2-F hideout 1

And that will do for today. I’ll rest a bit now, and just take it easy. Until tomorrow….


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