BCG War Report #1

Right now, the war has been going for 24 hours and so far it’s good news. Through the in-game wardec mechanics, I opened the war up to allow allies to join. I had a few applicants who wanted me to pay them (eg. 90 million ISK, 100 million ISK…), but I declined them. Two applicants offered to ally for free, so I accepted them and got in touch with them to provide them with the intel that we’d gathered during the 24 hour notice period.

Since then, the war has been interesting to observe. TOURING is a pacifist corp, so we’re just not getting involved. But neither are we ‘turtling up’ and hiding in stations. The members have been provided with warnings, information and guides to help keep them safe. The corp chat channel is our intel channel, and anytime war targets or their alts and spies come online, we notify everyone. We’ve also got locator agents being used so that we can monitor the enemy’s locations and allow our members peace of mind as they continue their ongoing activities, knowing that TOURING is helping them stay safe, even in war.

After 24 hours, here’s today’s war report:

1st war report

Not bad, hey? The pacifist corp is winning the war.  *smile*

I know, I know. It’s with the very welcome aid of our allies. But it still makes me laugh.

There’ll be another update tomorrow.

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