Back on track

We’ve been wardec’d by a ‘griefdec’ alliance, and the results were that a number of corp members started contacting me to share their concerns that they didn’t want to stop doing PVE, and they didn’t want to head into nullsec to avoid the war, but it was up to me as the corp CEO to make things safe for them according to their conditions, not mine.

Well, that didn’t go down to well with me. After about the 8th contact from a member within the past day, all about similar concerns, I realised I had a problem. Instead of being the nullsec travel and exploration corp that I’d started, TOURING had turned into just another highsec PVE corp with members that came crying to me to make the bad guys go away.

So I fixed the problem, which I had let happen. I had gotten slack, and let myself be distracted by the huge interest in people wanting to join TOURING, but they all wanted to join for the zero tax rate, so that they could use it as a haven for their mission running. And when the wardecs came, it interfered with their PVE activities, but instead of learning how to deal with it, they just wanted me to make it stop.

So I put out the hard word in the corp, sent a few corp messages, and got the corp moving back in the direction I originally wanted, which is a focus on nullsec travel and exploration. I removed all the PVE guides from the corp bulletins and just left the ‘how to survive in nullsec’ guides, and I modified the recruitment ads so that they’re a bit clearer in regards to what we’re about.

As a result, a number of members left the corp, which was what I expected and even initiated. TOURING isn’t a highsec PVE corp, but because we’d become that, suddenly we were being inundated with wardecs from griefers wanting to take advantage of our highsec activity.

Things should get back to normal now.

I was really happy with the amount of support and agreement there was amongst the rest of the members in corp chat about what I was doing. I think it’s been a really positive day for this corp.

There’s also plans afoot to make some other changes which should help improve things as well, but I’ll talk more about them when they’re more certain.

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