An update from Black Claw!

Well hello there. You might remember me from…. well, from a time that I was more active! A lot has changed over the past month. Amazingly so. In ways I could never have even dreamed of. Let me tell you all about it…..

So I was flying around the galaxy, as I’ve been wont to do lately, when the corp got wardec’d. I decided to lead the corp into Providence, where a whole bunch of members followed to avoid the war. That was lots of fun, and lots of members enjoyed learning how to get into nullsec and even survive. Exciting times!

But then I got a new job that required me to commute to a new city (Sydney) from my home about 3-4 hours away (Canberra). This meant I had to commute back home each weekend. I took my laptop with me, which allowed me to keep logging in to Eve each night, but because it’s a laptop, on shitty mobile broadband, the quality is such that I just don’t want to fly around the galaxy under such circumstances. It would lead to my death more often than I’d be happy with! (More often than zero is more than I’m happy with…)

So I log in to the game most nights, just to accept new membership applications and respond to any evemails, and then go to bed. That’s been about it. On weekends, I’m usually busy catching up with my fiancee and friends, and planning my wedding for next month, that I haven’t had any time to do any flying around on my normal desktop PC. There’s been other priorities…

So as this situation continues, I have no interest or inclination to stop playing altogether. I still get a lot of enjoyment from facilitating a corp for pacifists. I was considering bringing my desktop PC here, but I’d still be subject to shitty and unreliable mobile broadband. So the status quo is going to continue for the foreseeable future.

I’ll continue managing TOURING remotely, logging in each night to deal with issues, but mostly just let the corp manage itself. I can’t make myself available or responsible for holding everyone’s hands, so I’m not going to even try.

There’s a LOT of material already in place to help members learn how to travel nullsec safely, so I’m happy I was able to set that up before my gaming was somewhat hampered.

I don’t know when things will change, but it might be soon, or it might be early-ish next year. We’ll just have to see how the intricacies of life ebb and flow.

Today we got wardec’d again, by a corp that seems to be run by a single guy with 50 alts. With over 380 wars in his two year history, he’s not made a single kill nor lost a single ship.

It’s truly fascinating sometimes to find how people play their Eve. There’s some really unique game styles out there…..

Fly safe!

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