9. How to position your Local chat channel


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  2. How to avoid ‘catch bubbles’
  3. How to make gate bookmarks, and why
  4. How to safely enter nullsec
  5. The secret to travelling nullsec without dying
  6. How to travel like a Ninja
  7. How to get past a gate camp
  8. How to survive a wardec


As you travel around, you’ll want to make sure that your Local channel is where you can see it at all times, so you can constantly monitor it for people in your local system. Knowing who is in the same system as you is extremely important.

Grab the Local chat tab and just drag it up and it will separate from the other chat channels. You can position it wherever you want.

This is how I’ve got my screen set up (click on it to expand):


You can see that I’ve got my chat windows at bottom left, with the Local chat above them. Overview over to the right, and Directional scanner underneath it. This allows decent area in the middle to still see whatever needs seeing.


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