5. The secret to travelling nullsec without dying


  1. Why you should be living in nullsec
  2. How to avoid ‘catch bubbles’
  3. How to make gate bookmarks, and why
  4. How to safely enter nullsec


This is a secret rule. Don’t tell anyone, or everyone will be doing it.

Take your time.

That’s the secret. If you rush, you’ll make mistakes.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got 200 jumps through the darkest of nullsec. Don’t rush. Don’t think you have to do it all in one night, and you’ll succeed.

If you find a gate that’s always camped, come back online in the 10 minutes after downtime, when no one is around.

In busy locations, always make sure that you move when everyone is asleep.

When there are fights, stay out of the way. Say nothing, do nothing. Don’t bring attention to yourself.

Always fly ships with covert ops cloaks, like Stealth Bombers, Recons or T3 Strategic Cruisers.

If you can afford it, a T3 cruiser is your best choice, because you can configure it to fly with a covert ops cloak and an interdictor nullifier, allowing you to go to warp while stuck in a bubble.

An alternative and much cheaper option is to use the Interceptors that are equipped with warp bubble nullification. You can fly an Interceptor around without getting caught or trapped by warp bubbles, and if you fit it correctly, you can maximise your speed in getting away from gate camps and evading pursuit.

Here’s how I fit mine for fast nullsec travel:

  • High slots: 1 x Improved Cloaking Device II
  • Medium Slots: 1 1MN Microwarpdrive II
  • Low Slots: 2 x Warp Core Stabilizer II, 2 x Inertia Stabilizers II
  • Rig Slots: 2 x Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

This allows me to travel fast while being immune to all warp bubbles, and the Warp Core Stabilizers allow me to avoid most attempts at preventing me from going to warp. The cloak is if I want to sit somewhere and just rest for a while, without anyone knowing where I am.

Maximise your options for survival, take your time, don’t bring attention to yourself, and avoid fights. This is how you can travel nullsec without dying.

I’ve travelled probably over 1,000 nullsec systems since 2011, having died only once (and that was because I was careless. You can read about that here). I survive because what I teach you actually works.


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