1. Why you should be living in nullsec

There’s a really good reason you want to be living in nullsec, or at least comfortable with venturing into it.

It’s because of highsec wars.

TOURING is a target of wardecs (declarations of war) from ‘griefer’ corps that want to exploit our pacifist, loner ways.

The truth of the matter is that if we’re  pacifist pilots, avoiding PVP – we’re not going to be combat specialists.

We’re screaming out ‘we’re a bunch of noobs and carebears that won’t be able to defend ourselves!’ Ideal targets for those corps that want to take advantage of it and increase the number of kills on their highsec wardec killboards.

But there’s one place these griefer corps never go, and that’s into nullsec. The reason for this is because these corps are filled with cowards and bullies, and they get their jollies by attacking the naive, the weak and the defenceless (that’s you, if you didn’t know).

They don’t want targets that fight back, and they certainly don’t want targets venturing into nullsec, which is where these griefers are afraid to go, because down there in the dark and dangerous depths of space, they can be attacked by anyone. That’s not part of their plan.

So don’t be afraid to get down into nullsec and do what you do best. Not only will you avoid the risks of wardecs, should they occur, but you’ll also encourage these griefer corps to avoid wardecing us. There’s no point them wardecing a corp that lives in nullsec, because then the members are simply out of reach.

And any corp with members that live in nullsec is a corp that these wardec griefers aren’t interested in.


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