You’ve got a bad attitude!

There’s this expectation many pilots have in New Eden that the only valid method of existence is to engage in combat-PvP (pilot vs. pilot). They’re so committed to this idea, that they will seek out and engage in combat-PvP against anyone that they feel violates what they think is the only way to play.

Wardecs are made against those who think differently. Hunting parties are organised against those who try to avoid combat-PvP. Attempts are made to teach non-combative pilots the ‘error of their ways’, and a good time is had by all those pilots who engage against those who want to avoid it.

Now, I know all the arguments about how nowhere is safe, and if the authorities wanted people to feel safe, then they’d actually implement failsafe locks on weapons in highsec. And since they don’t, then they want combat-PvP in highsec as well as everywhere else. Probably to facilitate increased trade of ships, weapons, fittings and ammo, of course.

I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t have a problem with a universe that ensures the only way you can find safety is to understand the risks and do what you can to mitigate them. And even then you’re not guaranteed.

No, the problem I have is with the bad attitudes out there.

I’m running a pacifist corporation. It’s different, that’s for sure. In a reality where most interactions between pilots are all about combat-PvP, I’ve banned it in my corp. No one is allowed to initiate PvP combat, or they will be kicked out.

The corp is filling up fast with people that just want to do their own thing, without having to engage in PvP-combat, or responding to ‘calls to arms’ (CTAs) and defending corp or alliance assets or territory that they don’t care about. They’re explorers, travellers, solo pilots and nomads. People that just want to enjoy travelling and exploring the vast distances between the stars, without bothering anyone or being bothered by anyone.

I know that last bit is a bit much to expect, what with so many hostile pilots out there, so I offer members guidance in how to avoid combat in lowsec and nullsec, so that they can travel around to their heart’s content without getting caught up in PvP-combat.

As I promote this unique corporation and its unique concept, I’ve found some amazing aggression and ridicule out there. It’s been quite fascinating. It’s almost like there are people out there who actually feel threatened by pilots wanting to do their own thing while purposefully avoiding combat.

I’ve had people tell me I should do PvP, that’s where the real fun is. No, that’s just where YOUR fun is. So then they tell me to get my ass into lowsec and nullsec, and I’ll understand what I’m missing.

I shake my head. I’ve been living in lowsec and nullsec for most of the past 7 years. I’ve been a -10 pirate. I’ve founded and managed the Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH) and provided nullsec survival and PvP training. I’ve set up and camped bubbles and fought against supercarriers.

So when these people tell me I MUST get involved in combat-PvP I just chuckle to myself. Been there, done that. Next?

So then they tell me that they’re going to hunt me down and kill me. Repeatedly. And all my corp members. I ask why. Their answer is to show us that this game is all about combat-PvP, and only idiots try to avoid it, and any idiot that tries to avoid it needs to be hunted down and killed.

And that’s what angers me. The judgemental and ignorant belief that the only way to fly in New Eden is YOUR way. And if you find people that don’t do things your way, and instead want to do it differently, in a way that THEY enjoy, you decide that you’ll do your very best to spoil their enjoyment as best you possibly can.

I really don’t understand. Why do you feel the need to have others do the same things you do, with the same bullshit attitude that you have? Why do you feel the need to repeatedly harrass and hunt and kill those that want to do things differently to you?

New Eden is a big place. Everyone can fly however they want. It has combat, and it has non-combat. With the right knowledge and skill, you can avoid combat. Why are you so threatened by those who would choose to fly while avoiding combat?

There’s a reason I’ve specified “combat-PvP” instead of just “PvP”. It’s because most interactions between pilots are PvP of some kind, pilot vs. pilot. You can see this in the competitive nature of mining, manufacturing, trading, hauling, etc. Pilots are measuring their success by comparing themselves with others, and trying to earn more or do more than those other pilots they’re competing with. They’re engaging in pilot vs. pilot competition to earn themselves ISK.

And then there’s the combat-PvP, measured by the number of kills on killboards, with pilots seeking to prove their skill in combat with other pilots, to be the best fighters and warriors they can be.

But there’s also the the interesting concept that successfully avoiding combat-PvP is winning combat-PvP.

Think about it. If you and I fight, there are a number of outcomes. Some of which will include a win for you where you destroy my ship and podkill me, or a win for me where I destroy your ship. Or, I’ll successfully escape from the fight and you won’t get a ‘win’ and I’ll keep my ship, which effectively means I win.

How do I win if I fail to kill you, I hear you ask? Quite simple – you failed to achieve your objective (my death) while I succeeded in achieving mine (staying alive). That’s definitely a win to me!

There are other forms of PvP out there. Not everything has to be the way you want it to be. But I can understand that those who succeed in evading your combat-PvP are, essentially, beating you. And I can understand how that scares you.

But it won’t change what I do. I’ll continue providing a corp for those pilots who wish to avoid combat-PvP while doing their own thing, without having to answer to a corp or other pilots demanding they fly a particular way.

And I’ll do everything I can to teach as many pilots as I can how to fly the depths of nullsec without dying, understanding the hazards out there, and how to avoid them.

It’s my purpose in life. It’s what I choose to do in New Eden. And I have as much right to do it as you have to do what you do. So stick your attitude where the sun don’t shine and stop bothering me with it.

Note: I’m not talking to you, but if it sounds like I am, then you’re probably right.

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