WANTED: mission runners and miners

In my last blog post (News of my demise has been greatly exaggerated) I said that Touring New Eden has a change of direction. It began with getting rid of the democratic process and returning to a benevolent dictatorship. The next step in the change of direction is to start organising PVE fleet operations.

Touring New Eden was originally formed as a corp for explorers, travellers, nomads and solo pilots, who could do their own thing without being bothered by a corp demanding that they join in.

This was popular for a while, but it was also new. New for me, and new for those that were interested in joining in. I’ve decided to change that and move away from JUST having solo pilots.

Sure, Touring will still be a haven for solo pilots (and the Haven. alliance will still be a haven for corps that want to just hang out and do their own thing too), that won’t change. But I’m introducingĀ PVE fleet operations for the corp and the alliance. (When we’re not at war, of course.)

Corp and alliance members are already engaging in their PVE operations, whether that’s mission running, mining, exploration, or just ratting. Everyone’s doing it, so why not do it together?

Why not indeed. There’s no reason why not. All members of the corp and the alliance should be joining in on PVE operations if they want to, if they feel so inclined.

They just won’t have to.

Many corps out there state that a condition of membership is to join in on activities, lend a hand, add your ship and your effort to the cause, etc etc. That’s great for those corps, but there’s no such conditions of membership in Touring.

We’re still for those who just want to do their own thing, in their own time, in their own way. But if they want to ‘do their thing’ with others at the same time, then they’re going to be able to do that.

I’m encouraging members to organise or join alliance-wideĀ mining or mission fleets. Quite a few members have expressed their interest in being part of this, so as soon as this current war is over, we’ll be getting things under way.

Recruitment is open. If you’re interested, come hang out in the TOURING channel and have a chat with me.

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