The journey continues: Day 37 – Tenerifis

I’ve found that the way I was doing this travelling thing was boring me. I was documenting all the system name I was going through. Why was I doing that? I thought it would be interesting, to ‘prove’ that I was going through each of those systems. But you know what?


No one cares that I went through some random system that was named X in some random region. And I especially didn’t care. All I cared about was getting it over and done with.

I started this journey seven years ago, and since then there’s been countless distractions. Seven years ago, I was a fresh-faced pod-pilot with no idea of what the vastness of space was all about. But that younger version of me wanted to know. He wanted to see the wide open expanse of star systems for himself. And so he set off on a journey.

And here I am today, still on that journey.

Yesterday I zoomed through Tenerifis in my Interceptor. There were two gates that had over 50 pilots on the other side, huge gate camps waiting for targets to jump through that they could attack.

It wasn’t to be me though. That interceptor is one fast, little ship. It quickly aligned and got to warp and away from those gate camps faster than anyone could exclaim, “Whoah! There’s a…. Oh, it’s gone.”

I finished all 81 systems of Tenerifis and moved on to Omist. I’ll complete that soon and move on to the next one.

So I’ve now ‘officially’ completed 727 systems, or 14% of New Eden. I say ‘officially’ because unofficially I’ve been flying around all over the place for the past seven years, but I’m doing this right and making it official.

Anyway, to talk about how things are going to change….

Since I’m bored with documenting every system in every region, I’m not going to do that any more. So from now on, starting with today, I’ll just be talking about the region that I’ve completed, as I move on to the next one.

Keep it simple, keep it fast. Just like my interceptor.

If I can get one or two regions a day done, and do them quickly instead of slowly, I could possibly get this done in a few months instead of a few years. That would be nice. Then I can go back to ‘business as usual’.

Which, in my case…. well, it changes a lot. So we’ll see what that ends up being.

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