And I’m back in 2021

I got back yesterday! Nice to be here…. But when I was going through all my old contacts and seeing that 99% of them have been inactive for 3-8 years, it left me feeling sad for the lost friendships and experiences I’d shared. But then, that’s the consequences of me making a choice to move on.

I’ll start again though. New friendships, new experiences, new adventures. That’s what it’s all about.

This past day has seen me re-establishing control of the Touring New Eden corp. I’ve become its CEO again, but there was a problem with the transition, as even though I’m technically CEO, I have none of the CEO functions that should be available to me. I can’t even ‘resign as CEO’ and try again. So I’ve lodged a support ticket with the developers, and I hope that this will get fixed soon.

I see that there’s a bookmarking service on the Eve forums, but the seller has a fixed bunch of bookmarks that he sells to everyone. Shared bookmarks. Yeh, that’s not gonna work…. I’ll be restarting my own bookmarking service that I used to do, which was custom bookmarks done upon request, that are completely unique and no one else will ever have the same bookmark.

But first I’ll need to refresh all my flying skills, so that I can still travel safely around the galaxy without being attacked.

I remember back when I was last playing in 2015/16 that interceptors were automatically immune to warp bubbles in nullsec. I just found out today that such immunity is now only applicable when a compatible ship is fit with an Interdiction Nullifier. I guess I’ll be putting one of those on my Interceptor. And my Covert Ops. I offer an ‘ordinary’ bookmarking service with the Interceptor, and a ‘secure’ service with my Covert Ops, so no one can see me going out and getting bookmarks.

More on that later.

It’s good to be back. Recruiting into the corp will start soon.

And if anyone out there is still watching this blog and sees this post, please say hi! It’ll be good to revisit some old friends, if any of you are still around. 🙂

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