Nonviolence. It’s a personal choice

The Touring New Eden corp is a pacifist corp, banning the initiation of violence against other players, but allowing members to defend themselves against aggressive player combat should they so choose. I’m not going to change this. That’s the way the corp is, that’s the way it’s going to stay.

But within pacifism there are other choices, one of which is non-violence. Which is apparently different from nonviolence.

Non-violence is the practice of being harmless to self and others under every condition. It comes from the belief that hurting people, animals or the environment is unnecessary to achieve an outcome and refers to a general philosophy of abstention from violence based on moral, religious or spiritual principles….

…The term “nonviolence” is often linked with or even used as a synonym for peace, passivity and pacifism. Non-violence (with a hyphen) refers more specifically to the absence of violence and is always the choice to do no harm or the least harm, and passivity is the choice to do nothing.


So… If you are practicing non-violence then you can react in a manner that does the least amount of harm, but still may include doing harm, while nonviolence is where you do nothing.

So to put it into the context of Eve Online: non-violence allows you to defend yourself with the least amount of harm (probably using ECM to break the enemy’s lock and allowing you to get away), while nonviolence would be the choice to do nothing, letting yourself die without any reaction if you can’t escape.


So why would you choose nonviolence?

Good question.

Even though members of Touring New Eden are allowed to defend themselves, it’s my belief such actions are completely useless. But I’m not going to let anyone stop trying, if they so choose.

But being in a pacifist corp means all the members are fit for either PVE (missions, exploration, hauling, etc), or for travelling around New Eden. With everyone fitting their ships for PVE activities, there’s no room for PVP fittings.

Which means everyone in Touring are ill-equipped to defend themselves in a fight against another player.

This includes me. I’m fit for travelling, stealth and evasion. If my abilities to avoid a PVP engagement fail, and I get trapped and can’t escape, then there’s nothing I’m fit with that can adequately defend me. So regardless of my best efforts, the result in such a scenario would be the loss of my ship, and probably the death of my clone.

Therefore, since any attempt at a violent response would be pointless, I am making a choice to be nonviolent.

Nonviolence. It’s a personal choice.

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