I’m back in nullsec – the travels continue!

So now that Rubicon has been released, and interceptors have been upgraded to be immune to warp bubbles, I’ve decided to give them a try as I travel around nullsec, on my way through every system of New Eden. Not only am I doing it different, in an interceptor this time, I’ve also decided to do something else different.

In the past I’ve stopped at landmarks to take photos of interesting sites. One of the things I discovered – and quite quickly too – is that most of the sites all look the same. Once you’ve seen one of any particular sight, you’ve seen them all. Not only is that boring as hell, but it adds to the time it takes to travel around New Eden. And since it’s not the most exciting of pastimes, I think it’ll be better to just get this travel thing over and done with.

So now that I’ve got a fast interceptor, I’m going to just zoom my way through every system of every region, and get this adventure over and done with as soon as possible, so that I can focus on other things.

Landmarks and unusual sites / sights are all well and good, but others are doing them and taking photos and spending the time on them that they deserve, and doing it much better than I could. I just want to travel around New Eden, and that’s all I want to do – just to say I’ve done it. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do from this moment on.

I’m going to just go zooming through as many systems as I can in my speedy interceptor, and document the process as I have been doing so far – just without all the stops to take photos. No more of those delays.

Of course, if I do find something of interest, I’ll still take photos of it – I just won’t make it a primary element of what I’m doing, or why I’m doing it.

The interceptor

I decided to go with the Ares, a nice Gallente interceptor. I am Gallente after all…. It’s fit exclusively for travelling, nothing else.

  • HIGH: 1 x Improved Cloaking Device II
  • MEDIUM: 1 x 1mn MWD II
  • LOW: 2 x Warp Core Stabiliser II, 1 x Nanofiber Internal Structure II, 1 x Inertia Stabilizers II
  • RIGS: 1 x Small Auxiliary Thrusters I, 1 x Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

That’s all I’ve got.

Now, remember that I’m practicing nonviolence, so I’m not fit for any offensive or even defensive capabilities – just travel, nothing else. If anyone actually manages to tackle me, then there’ll be no ‘good fights’ on that day. Not involving me, at least.

My warp speed is 9.60 AU’s. That seems to do pretty well at getting me quickly from system to system. It’s a lot faster now than it ever felt before! I have inertia modifier of 1.444, almost equal to a shuttle (1.0). With the 2 x WCS and the new immunity to bubbles, I should be good to go!

See you out there in New Eden!

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