Democracy and freedom in action

When I first created Touring New Eden I formed it with the idea that it would be a place where members could do what they wanted without anyone telling them what to do or how to do it. I imagined it as a corp that promoted freedom. But I woke up today and realised I was still dictator, still telling corp members what to do and how to do it, and I realised that was completely unsuitable.

So I suspended all corp policies (putting the corp into a state of anarchy!) and created a new procedure – new corp policies would be a result of proposals presented to the corp members for them to vote upon. They could accept them or reject them, and any member can also present new proposals for the corp to vote upon and accept or reject.

The result of this is that the members of the corp have complete control over what the corp policies are. They determine what rules they will abide by, and if they don’t like a proposal, they can vote for it to be rejected.

Voting on proposals is open, it never stops. Yes, it’s an experiment, but I think it’s an experiment that could work out quite nicely. I’m hoping that this will result in a dynamic, democratic system that’s entirely the result of what the members want.

If I – or any corp member – want to suggest a rule for the corp to abide by, a proposal is created for the corp to vote on. If it’s rejected, so be it. If it’s accepted, then the corp will abide by that new rule – unless they decide that it’s not working for them, in which case they can change their vote so that it becomes rejected.

Also, at any time, an accepted proposal could be rejected, or a rejected proposal could be accepted – it all depends on the members themselves.

I think this is true freedom in a corp. The freedom for its members to decide what rules they want to live by.

Even though TOURING is a pacifist corp, and its members are pacifists, there’s the possibility they could turn it into a PVP corp instead. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Or they could even present a proposal to fire the CEO and get a new one. Democracy in action! I love it.

If this way of doing things interests you, come join us and add your vote to the rules you’ll be living by. Enjoy your freedom while you can.

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