zKillboard needs to be your friend

There’s a lot of different, very valuable ways to use zKillboard and you’re going to learn all of them.

Check the killboard of potential targets

Imagine you’ve come into a lowsec system and you want to check a potential target. You see them in local, but you know nothing about them.Β In this example our potential target is Aetorian Hummingbird.

  • Click on their name in local to highlight it, then CTRL+C to copy it.
  • Go

[23:16:42] Black Claw > it needs to become your friend
[23:16:50] Black Claw > https://zkillboard.com/system/30002769/ – this is the killboard for Ender
[23:17:09] Black Claw > it shows you who is getting killed here
[23:17:22] Black Claw > on the right, it shows you the Top Characters – they’re the ones doing the killing
[23:17:53] Black Claw > you need to mark them as Terrible Standings which makes them red and very visible in local chat
[23:17:57] RaHaste Morozov > gotcha, thats a good bit of info to have
[23:18:01] Black Claw > when you see red in local, immediately dock
[23:18:31] Black Claw > do exactly the same for Kubinen next door – https://zkillboard.com/system/30002767/
[23:18:34] RaHaste Morozov > is there a way to mark them red without them currently being here?
[23:19:07] Black Claw > yes, you can copy their name from zkill and put it into ‘search for anything’ field at top left in game, press enter, it’ll bring up their profile, and mark them red there
[23:19:38] RaHaste Morozov > ah gotcha! thanks for that tip lol
[23:19:40] RaHaste Morozov > heck yeah
[23:21:30] Black Claw > you need to fly pvp ships that are cheap, so that the losses to you are minimised while you learn pvp. If you fly expensive ships that you don’t know how to use properly, you become a sought after target. Pirates will want to kill you for the loot, and for the nice padding your expensive kill adds to their killboard
[23:22:08] RaHaste Morozov > thats very fair. what would you recommend from the minmatar line? i have all the way up to battleship, ive grown partial to the thrasher
[23:22:14] RaHaste Morozov > havent tried the stabber yet
[23:22:40] Black Claw > ok, I’ll show you something with zkill, give me a minute
[23:22:52] RaHaste Morozov > alright πŸ™‚
[23:25:18] Black Claw > this next link shows you zkill’s advanced search. You’ll see that ‘lowsec’ and ‘solo’ ’90 days’ are selected, along with a ‘Thrasher’ which is put into the Attackers section, with ‘In’ selected. Attackers Only is selected on the right. This shows you the following:<br><br>* there are 1,775 killmails with Thrasher being the solo attacker<br>* it shows you the Top Charactes making use of the Thrasher for solo lowsec pvp – we’ll come back to this later
[23:25:22] Black Claw > https://zkillboard.com/asearch/#{%22buttons%22:[%22togglefilters%22,%22recent%22,%22rolling%22,%22label-loc:lowsec%22,%22label-solo%22,%22attackers-aand%22,%22either-and%22,%22victims-and%22,%22sort-date%22,%22sort-desc%22,%22page1%22,%22attackersonly%22],%22attackers%22:[{%22type%22:%22shipID%22,%22id%22:%2216242%22}]}
[23:26:12] Black Claw > this next link is exactly the same, but with Stabber instead. You’ll see it’s less common than the Thrasher, with only 829 solo lowsec kills
[23:26:23] Black Claw > https://zkillboard.com/asearch/#{%22buttons%22:[%22togglefilters%22,%22recent%22,%22rolling%22,%22label-loc:lowsec%22,%22label-solo%22,%22attackers-aand%22,%22either-and%22,%22victims-and%22,%22sort-date%22,%22sort-desc%22,%22page1%22,%22attackersonly%22],%22attackers%22:[{%22type%22:%22shipID%22,%22id%22:%22622%22}]}
[23:26:28] RaHaste Morozov > im looking at it
[23:26:46] Black Claw > so the Thrasher has a lot more success in solo lowsec pvp, and would therefore be a likely better choice
[23:27:50] Black Claw > so now we’ll go back to the Thrasher <br><br>https://zkillboard.com/asearch/#{%22buttons%22:[%22togglefilters%22,%22recent%22,%22rolling%22,%22label-loc:lowsec%22,%22label-solo%22,%22attackers-aand%22,%22either-and%22,%22victims-and%22,%22sort-date%22,%22sort-desc%22,%22page1%22,%22attackersonly%22],%22attackers%22:[{%22type%22:%22shipID%22,%22id%22:%2216242%22}]}
[23:28:03] Black Claw > the top character is Casper24
[23:28:15] RaHaste Morozov > right on so its a decent pick for learning since its only about 1.3 mill, (i can manufactor them as well)
[23:28:22] RaHaste Morozov > alright i see him
[23:28:25] Black Claw > copy his name and paste it into the search field at the top of the page, and then select his name in the drop down
[23:28:45] Black Claw > but in this case, it’ll just automatically add him to the killboard, which is fine
[23:29:06] Black Claw > next, click on the right arrows next to his name and then next to Thrasher, to move them both over to Victim, and select ‘In’
[23:29:33] Black Claw > this shows Casper has lost his Thrasher 4 times in the past 90 days
[23:29:43] Black Claw > click on the first one to open the killmail
[23:29:53] Black Claw > click on the ship icon to open the killmail
[23:30:12] Black Claw > at top left of the killmail, click on ‘Import Fit via ESI’
[23:30:24] RaHaste Morozov > on the one he lost?
[23:30:27] Black Claw > yes
[23:30:42] Black Claw > this will import his fit into your ship fittings UI within the game
[23:31:14] Black Claw > now in the game, open up your Fittings window, and in Hulls & Fits, type Thrasher
[23:31:32] RaHaste Morozov > saved it
[23:31:36] Black Claw > expand the list and you’ll see Casper24’s Thrasher there
[23:31:38] Black Claw > click on it
[23:31:47] RaHaste Morozov > OH SHIT
[23:31:50] Black Claw > that opens up a simulation of that ship with his fittings
[23:31:51] RaHaste Morozov > LOOK AT THAT
[23:31:57] RaHaste Morozov > man thats wild!
[23:32:23] Black Claw > this is how you find ideas on ship fittings being used by the most successful pvp’ers of that ship
[23:32:39] RaHaste Morozov > dude that is a MASSIVE help
[23:32:43] Black Claw > πŸ™‚
[23:33:27] Black Claw > if you can’t fit what he has (I can tell he’s using implants to assist), then it’ll also give you information on which skills you’ll need to train to fit it all
[23:34:33] Black Claw > if you want easier fittings for YOU, then you modify slightly so it still serves the same kind of purpose, but maybe you use T1 fittings instead of T2 fittings, and you go into a training program to be able to later upgrade
[23:35:31] Black Claw > I’m going to modify that fitting a little to be more achievable for a new player, give me a sec
[23:35:38] RaHaste Morozov > i appreciate you
[23:35:58] RaHaste Morozov > i only cant run the t2 guns, and the t2 stabilizers
[23:40:08] Black Claw > <url=fitting:16242:5320;1:9417;7:5933;2:26929;1:31698;1:5973;1:31177;1:5403;1:20761;140:29007;1::>T1 kite Thrasher</url>
[23:40:16] Black Claw > there you go
[23:40:17] Black Claw > save that
[23:40:39] RaHaste Morozov > im going to add you as a contact, im about to jump on a different game with friends. how much isk to get more education on the matter of code so i can get my sweet, sweet revenge on people
[23:40:51] Black Claw > we need to talk more about that πŸ™‚
[23:40:59] Black Claw > hang out in this chat, we’ll talk another time πŸ™‚
[23:41:16] RaHaste Morozov > obviously im not made of money because im new but i am an attentive learner lol
[23:41:22] Black Claw > my teachings are free
[23:41:22] RaHaste Morozov > gotcha, i wont leave it
[23:41:41] RaHaste Morozov > you, are a devil from heaven XD
[23:41:44] Black Claw > hehe
[23:41:47] RaHaste Morozov > i appreciate the kindness

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