The Rangers Handbook

You’re a Ranger now. Congratulations!

The Ranger Ranks

Due to varying levels of skill at flying cloaked or covert ops ships, along with accompanying levels of experience, the following ranks are based on what ships you can fly and what your experience has been:

  • Junior Ranger

  • You’ve been a corp member for at least 1 month
  • You can fly an Interceptor with an Improved Cloaking Device II
  • You can safely safely travel the depths of nullsec and know how to make bookmarks and safe spots
  • You’re a practitioner of the Nullsec Traveller Guide
  • Ranger

  • You can fly a Covert Ops ship with a Covert Ops Cloaking Device II + Micro Warp Drive
  • You can use the Cloak+MWD trick to get through hostile ships around bubble camps (if necessary)
  • You have the skills and the experience to provide scouting and guidance services to members
  • Senior Ranger

  • You can fly a Tech 3 Strategic Cruiser with Covert Ops and Interdiction Nullification to avoid warp bubbles in nullsec
  • You have the skills and experience to provide superior scouting and guidance services to members


You might already be skilled at travelling around nullsec in a covert ops cloaked ship, but you have a bigger responsibility now – helping others travel through nullsec, and you’re going to be helping them do it without dying. Your skills might need improving, and this Handbook is here to help you.

To start with, you should have a read of this Eve Uni guide on highsec / lowsec scouting: Scouting

There’s a lot of great information in that scouting guide which will really help you out, and a lot of it can be useful for when you’re travelling nullsec as well.

In nullsec, however, you’ll need to prepare for your scouting.


You will need to make sure you have gate bookmarks at all gates between closest highsec entry point into lowsec, and along the route through to the destination system. This is so you can help the members get to the destination safely. (It’s recommended that you find out from the member where they want to go, and then go there yourself first, preparing bookmarks along the way, so that you can use those bookmarks to help the member get there. You can use these bookmarks again for future trips to the same destination point.)


You and the member must be able to talk and hear each other using Teamspeak (setup details in Corp Bulletins), so that you can talk instead of type. It’s faster and better.

The Process

  1. Member is in highsec, goes to the gate that enters lowsec
  2. You are on the other side in the lowsec system (cloaked) at your 200km gate bookmark
  3. When it’s safe to jump in you will let the member know, and they jump in and warps to you at 10km (avoiding decloaking your ship)
  4. Member activates their cloak and makes their own 200km gate bookmark
  5. You warp to your departure gate bookmark and then advise member to warp to you at 10km
  6. Member warps to you at 10km, activates their cloak, and make another 200km gate bookmark
  7. You warp to gate and jump through, then warp to your gate bookmark on that side
  8. You advise member when it’s safe to jump in, and they jump in and warp to you at 10km, cloaking up and making another gate bookmark
  9. You warp to next departure gate bookmark…..

And you get the idea. This process is repeated until the member arrives safely at their destination.

The process is easy. Anyone with a covert ops cloaked ship be a Ranger, as long as you’ve made your bookmarks, and you ensure that the member has a cloak fitted to their ship to ensure their own safety along the way.

Important Notes

  • All ships flying through lowsec or nullsec should always be flying to gate bookmarks to avoid nullsec bubbles and gate camps.
  • All ships flying through lowsec or nullsec should always have a cloak fitted, so that they can cloak up at any gate bookmark and stay safe until threats have passed. This includes members being guided – make sure they have a cloak of any kind.
  • All member, once safely at destination, should have a full set of gate bookmarks along that flight path.
  • All pilots should make station exit bookmarks from every station they’re going to be active in, so that they have an exit point to warp to that will prevent them from being camped into the station by hostiles. (This is a good practice in highsec too, for war situations…)

Any questions?

Contact your Rangers CO, Black Claw.