Policy for Wartime Operations

It’s likely to happen one day, and you’re going to need to know what’s expected of you when it does. Someone, somewhere, at some time, is going to declare war on TOURING. Usually just for the fun of it, but mostly to get what they think will be ‘easy kills’.

They’ll declare war on us because they think they will easily find you and kill you.

My goal as your CEO is to help YOU avoid getting killed and losing your ships.

Some of you might think, “I don’t care if I die. I’ll just keep doing what I do regardless. I can afford it. Or… well, I just don’t care.”

That’s entirely the wrong attitude to have, and I want to change that for you. It’s that kind of attitude that these wardecers (declarers of war) love. Because you’ll allow them to get LOTS of kills.

You also need to know that every time you allow them to kill you, through laziness or neglect, you prolong the war. You make it harder for other members to survive, who might be too new to get themselves into nullsec and avoid the war.

The below policy and restrictions will be in place and enforced during times of war so that you can be protected from losing your hard-earned ships and assets, as well as prevent war enemies from achieving victories against us.

I’ve never lost a war yet. I’ll help you make sure you never lose a war either.

During peacetime, make it your responsibility to plan ahead. Work out where in nullsec you’re going to go. Create your own plan of action. Read the How-to guides and learn how to enter, travel and survive in nullsec. Ask questions of other corp members or Alexia Morgan, your CEO. Make sure that you can survive a war.

RULE ONE – Whatever you want to do, go do it in nullsec

This is because the enemy won’t follow you there. They want easy kills against you; they don’t want to risk losing their own ships in nullsec where they can be attacked by anyone. They want the protection of a wardec to attack you without being attacked by others, because they’re cowards and bullies.

Whatever you do during peacetime, while you have the freedom to do so, focus your attention on travelling and exploring and living in nullsec. There is always more money to be made down there anyway, and if our members decide to live in nullsec in the first place, it just means TOURING becomes a corp less likely to be wardec’d by highsec bullies.

RULE TWO – All highsec operations will be cancelled

During a time of war, you are vulnerable to being attacked in highsec. Your enemy will engage in tactics you don’t even know exist. Here’s an example:

They’ll use out-of-corp alts to scout out your location, so that you won’t even know it’s them watching you in local, OR they’ll have a spy as a member in the corp providing intel on member locations (all members can see all other online member locations in the star map). They’ll monitor your movements using their scouts, and then when you’re offline they’ll move their wardec corp characters into the system of your operations, as well as on the other side of every gate exiting the system, and then log off. When their alt scout or corp spy tells them you’re back online in your favourite system, they’ll all log back in. The members who are in the system will try to attack you and kill you. If you manage to get away from them, you’ll find others waiting for you regardless of which gate you jump through. You will die.

They will move around and repeat this tactic – and other tactics – for every single TOURING member who continues to operate in highsec during a wardec.

Therefore, you should discontinue all highsec operations during war. Highsec operations include any of the following:

  • Missions
  • Mining
  • Hauling
  • Exploration
  • Ratting
  • Travel – permitted through highsec only in shuttles, rookie ships, or cloaked ships

If anyone wants to do any PVE operations in highsec, they should consider using alts outside the corp. 

If in doubt, stay docked. Read a book. Talk in corp chat. Head into nullsec as soon as you can. Whatever you do, do not give the enemy the satisfaction of getting a kill. Eventually they’ll get bored and go somewhere else, and we can return to business as usual. 

Any war we don’t lose, is a war we win. Even as a pacifist, non-combative corp, we can win wars by denying the enemy any victories.


RULE THREE – No TOURING member will engage in combat operations during war

It would violate our stance as a pacifist corp if we were to suddenly take up arms to attack the enemy. Just don’t do it, or you will be kicked out of the corp.

RULE FOUR – The following behaviour must be maintained by all members during war

  • No talking in local to the enemy.
  • Do not respond to evemails from the enemy. (If it is harrassment or abuse, feel free to petition CCP to register a complaint about their behaviour.)
  • Do not talk to neutrals about the war, as they could be spies for the enemy.
  • Actions or behaviour that damages the morale of members will not be permitted. Complaining about rules or staying docked, or just complaining in general could cause damage to other member’s morale, and will result in an official warning. Three such warnings will result in you being kicked out of the corp.


Talk to the CEO, Black Claw, if you have any questions, concerns or feedback about these rules for wartime operations.