Join the corp

The TOURING NEW EDEN corp is open for recruitment.

Our mission statement

We are a friendly and neutral corporation, seeking to develop relationships with other players, corporations and alliances that allow us to expand our travel and exploration options for our members.

Touring New Eden is for solo pilots, nomads, travellers and explorers – pilots who love to roam, travel, do their own thing and engage in all the aspects of the game’s content.

We help our members learn how to avoid PvP (if they want to!) so they can stay alive while travelling safely through lowsec and nullsec, develop their mining and manufacturing base for a steady income, exploration, hacking, conquering abyssal space and running PVE combat sites of all types.

These are the reasons you might want to join us:

  • You have other responsibilities, like a family, and you want to play on your own terms, in your own time
  • You prefer flying solo, enjoying the thrill of relying only on yourself, no one else
  • You don’t want to answer to someone that thinks they have authority over you and how you play
  • You want freedom, the wide open space before you, without anyone else blocking your view
  • You’re travelling the galaxy and you like the idea of being amongst like-minded individuals
  • We have no base of operations or outposts, which means we have no territory that we demand you help us defend
  • We have no corp operations that we demand you help us with
  • We have ZERO tax rate so that you can maximise your income

What you do is up to you. And we encourage you to do it.

Contact Black Claw in the game if you have any questions, or just join us. We’d be happy to accept your application.